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    So I recently upgraded from a Verizon G4. Though I've had tons of Blackberrys before. Curve, z10, etc. Coming from the g4 I really missed BlackBerry. The classic look and feel. And I'm very glad I'm back. Now I just hope At&t releases marshmallow soon lol.(may 3?) My g4 had it but I can wait if it means having a blackberry again. So far the Priv is really impressing me. Though it's not os 10, I feel like this is the way the company should hear towards sadly but true in my opinion.

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    05-02-16 07:10 PM
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    05-02-16 07:12 PM
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    05-02-16 07:50 PM
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    Just wait till Marshmallow on Priv. Night and Day!

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    05-02-16 07:59 PM
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    Funny thing is it was actually a G4 that backed my Priv up when it was down. Running BlackBerry's launcher and everything it was actually a decent phone.
    05-02-16 08:15 PM

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