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  1. Gigolo69's Avatar
    Well. Got thru replacing the battery. All seemed hunky dory till I realized the volume rockers and mute button aren't working. Dead.
    Any ideas?? Power button still works fine and I believe that the flex cable is connected to the same one the rockers use. If I did break it would the power button still work logically?

    Lookn for ideas.

    New battery makes a world of a difference. Took a good 3hrs or so for a full charge. When the battery was bad it went full charge in 45min or so.

    Spent the day with the keyone black edition helping a friend set it up and I have to admit the priv design is so much better. The keyone screen is ridicules when coming from the priv. That's the deal breaker. The keyboard is nicer than the priv though... keyone runs smoother and faster as expected but the size of the screen ruins that prospect. I thought I'd consider that if I need to upgrade and no new options but after using it all day I'll pass on that and try to keep the priv going til something similar is avail (if ever)..the build quality felt nice but I don't see jumping on that grenade
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    03-02-19 04:56 AM
  2. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    I haven't worked on a Priv so I'm not familiar with the design, but I would definitely try reseating the cable. Those flat ribbon cables have a small contact surface and it's easy to not have them fully plugged in. Assuming your buttons (the plastic part) are lined up and touching the actual switches properly, it's almost certainly that ribbon cable.
    03-03-19 11:42 PM
  3. Gigolo69's Avatar
    Thanx for reply.
    That's what I'm guessing but not positive.
    There's no vids out there on youtube about that or breakdowns with this issue unfortunately.

    A new flex cable is like 20!ux or something. No problem buying it but don't want to go thru buying and install and find out its not lol. Pretty sure a shop would charge 100bux for that
    03-04-19 07:17 AM
  4. Lindsay Dastrup's Avatar
    try and make sure it's plugged in properly before buying
    03-06-19 11:26 AM

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