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    1/3 of my closest group of 20 friends use BlackBerry 10 devices. And I like to believe that it's mostly to do with myself and another person in the group heavily supporting and "selling" BlackBerry.

    I didn't like the idea of going android at first because my pitch to all my friends to buy BlackBerry initially, inevitably included talking about the cons of Android and ios. Especially about the security and privacy of it all.

    To ask them all to once again change to android seems a little unsettling for me and reduces the credibility of what I have said before but I'm trying to find away to pitch it and believe myself too.

    The reason for this is plain and simple. I want BlackBerry to keep making phones. Even though they are not the company they once was, they still hold values I believe in.

    Any pointers how to sell the priv to almost anyone? Compared to all its competition? Besides the obvious Grsecurity, PKB and DTEK argument of course.

    Posted via CB10
    11-11-15 06:10 PM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Pretty much how many here feel.

    I'm not yet in the position to "exhort" friends and family to buy Priv. I will - regarding their needs and attempts - very likely recommend it once I will have tested it in real life, as for any previous BlackBerry device I suggested. My peeps needs and attempts will decide then if I suggest BB10 (Passport SE is the best device I had, ever), Priv or any Android based BlackBerry device to come.

    I believe BB10 lovers (I am) should refrain from bashing the Priv because it's running Android. I think it has technically few realistic legs. We have to acknowledge once and for all that the survival of devices and life support elongation of BB10 are sharply depending on Priv (and successors) success.
    11-12-15 09:50 AM

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