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    HELP. I'm struggling to understand why people would even come to this forum and spend their time reading and responding when they are not interested in a slider or a BlackBerry running android.

    The Venice is relocated to Android on BlackBerry, and i thought that's a great move because if you are allergic to Android, i thought it'd only be natural to steer clear of this section. I imagine that BB10 users would spend time at BB10 Hub section instead.

    I mean I don't spend my time at the BlackBerry Leap forum device complaining that they should have released a Z50 version instead of the low specs Leap which resembles a Z3.

    Or go to fast food store and say 'if it's fried food, I'm not interested ".

    If I'm not interested in the it I just don't go there. Why waste my time?
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    09-19-15 11:34 PM

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