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  1. averageradical's Avatar
    Love my Priv. This morning I got a system upgrade request for ABD796 and I started. As the phone starts up, I get this strange, modal "APNs" screen (picture attached). Clicking OK did nothing. I'm on TMobile and I saw all of my tmobile APNs, so that looked fine. I clicked on add a new APN and of course that was useless (clicked discard). Then finally clicked the back button on the lower left of my blackberry and it exited the screen and continued with login. Just wanted to post this in case others have the same issue. Just click the back button!
    Attached Thumbnails Strange modal APNs screen when upgrading to ABD796-screenshot_20180823-075257.jpg  
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    08-23-18 10:03 AM
  2. 1MaXiMiLiAn0's Avatar
    THIS HAPPENED ON MY PHONE! It's a KeyOne. But it WON'T work...It automatically popped up as soon as the phone turned on, a couple of seconds AFTER the password was required. I've already restarted it many times and it still comes up around the SAME time. I don't know what to do...
    08-23-18 10:50 PM
  3. JJBBgreat's Avatar
    This also happened on my KEYone. I just click the back button and proceed as usual. I am guessing it will go away whenever I get around to a full reinstall.
    09-17-18 04:18 PM

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