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    In late 2017 (maybe November or December), an update (or perhaps an unintended bump of touch screen) changed the way misspelled words are handled during typing--

    Before this change (for a year or so Nov 2016 to fall 2017) –
    * if I tapped a misspelled word, I would get a list
    of suggested corrections -- which is far most
    often the behavior I want
    * I could get to “ADD TO DICTIONARY” or
    “FORMAT / CUT / COPY” in the uncommon

    After this change--
    * a simple tap of a misspelled word gives the
    dialog box “ADD TO DICTIONARY / DELETE”
    which is almost never what I want
    * a touch-and-hold or double-tap gets me to
    * I can’t get to the spell suggestion list at all!

    I want the old behavior back--I want a simple thing (either a tap, or something else simple and predictable) to give me a list of spell corrections.

    This affects both the Gmail app and text messages. I have Blackberry Priv, Android Version 6.0.1

    Is there a setting that I've missed? Was this an intentional change?

    My question seems similar to questions 1134190 and 1134843, except that in my case, it used to work properly.

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