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    I currently have two email accounts connected to my Hub - one gmail and one work email. All work emails are automatically forwarded to my gmail, for practical reasons when I work on my regular desktop. However, this means that I get a double email every time I get a mail for my work email, as both the accounts receive one.

    For my desktop email, this is perfectly fine, as I only access my gmail there. My Hub gets crowded very quickly as everything doubles, however. Is there a way to automatically filter out the duplicates in the Hub? Disabling the forwarding isnt an option as I still need it.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot.
    11-26-15 05:22 PM
  2. nickdollimount's Avatar
    In the hub, Menu > Settings

    Scroll to the bottom under Views and select BlackBerry Hub. This is the default view for the hub. Deselect the secondary email account. That will stop both from showing in the main view.

    When you want to manage the second one, hit the pull out menu again and select that account on its own.

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    11-26-15 11:50 PM
  3. guilemo's Avatar
    Thank you! Works fine.
    11-27-15 05:06 PM
  4. nickdollimount's Avatar
    Thank you! Works fine.
    Glad I could help. Enjoy your Priv!
    11-27-15 05:16 PM

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