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    In an attempt to keep my office current with tools to increase our productivity and have more efficient meetings, I was able to have our conference room updated to include a Smart Kapp smart white board. It allows staff members to connect to it via Bluetooth or NFC and have notes taken on the board appear on their phone. They can then be stored to the persons camera roll, Google Drive, or Evernote. Fort the life of me I can't figure out why my Priv won't connect when using the app to scan the qr code or the NFC tag. It always tells me the board is either powered off or out of range. However, when other staff members using android connect, they can send me a link to the note session and I'm able to watch in real time every note that's taken. I've granted the Smart Kapp app all permissions. Oddly, in Bluetooth settings it the board shows up as connected, but I'm not able to initiate a session of my own, only take part in one if someone else starts it. Any advice?
    12-05-17 09:52 AM

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