1. Josip2257's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    What do you think about Slider of size like Q10, perfect size for pocket and you have awesome keyboard?

    Share your toughts!

    Posted on my Q10
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    04-27-15 04:23 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    hate the thought of a slider. sorry
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    04-27-15 05:05 PM
  3. CTU2fan's Avatar
    hate the thought of a slider. sorry
    Honest (non-smartass) question: we know you hate sliders, what's so compelling about the BlackBerry slider forum?

    I think a Q10 sized slider would be nice, I like the size of my Q. But I can't really see them making 2 different versions of such a niche form factor as a slider.

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    04-27-15 06:43 PM
  4. Dirtymike14's Avatar
    Honest (non-smartass) question: we know you hate sliders, what's so compelling about the BlackBerry slider forum?

    I think a Q10 sized slider would be nice, I like the size of my Q. But I can't really see them making 2 different versions of such a niche form factor as a slider.

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    Gotta keep her post count up somehow

    But I agree with you and the OP, I would love a slider the size of the q10, or maybe a little bigger and go the size of the z10

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    04-27-15 06:51 PM
  5. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    Well it seems like I found the good thread to make some friends!
    That's something i'm proposing for some months now and I can't wait to see someone (ideally like Pootermobile or Dylanhabkirk) making a rendering of a concertina keyboard device based on Q10's form factor (at least 4" inch screen + retractable keyboard: ideal phone for me!)

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    04-27-15 07:19 PM
  6. Aju's Avatar
    That would be really goood. Compact. Useful. Easy to handle. Best of both worlds
    Hope BlackBerry read this post
    Nt everybody is a fan of big bricks in their pocket.

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    04-28-15 05:59 AM
  7. NG888's Avatar
    Would be a good idea actually, I know the pics of renders may not be accurate, but when compared to the pics of thhe slider when revealed, it does look fairly big when the keyboard is open.

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    04-28-15 06:02 AM
  8. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    From a Raffi original design (fiddled with my poor skills), here is what a concertina keyboard device (or more precisely the one-fix row retractable keyboard, the "concertina-keyboard" with its extendable mecanism is way out of my Gimp's skills) would look like with the keyboard closed:
    4.1" inch in a 4:3 ratio AND a Q10 form factor (highly pocket friendly and manageable with only one hand).
    What you see is what you get, i.e. these would be the actual proportions (screen 6.2cmx8.3cm), you can compare to your device by putting it on top of the screen: slightly smaller than a Q10 with keyboard closed, slightly larger once the concertina-keyboard is extended
    Slider mini - Q10 size-q11-4.1inch-10.4cm-diag.jpg

    Better with rounded corners like the AT&T Passport version and the original Q10 but i can't do it...
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    04-28-15 08:56 AM
  9. jacwib's Avatar
    I'd say q10-screen sized slider = win.

    Or in other words, a square slab with a slideout kb.

    Posted from q10, excuse me for not having any typos.
    04-28-15 09:40 AM
  10. ayngling's Avatar
    A Q10 slider would be the perfect phone for me. I recently went back to my Q10 from a Passport (and I have tried the Classic), the Q10 is just that good... as a slider with a slightly bigger screen (but not bigger body) it would be even better!
    08-17-15 04:04 AM
  11. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    It would be a pity that BlackBerry stopped making pocket-friendly handsets when technology is about to offer very interesting options for foldable/retractable screens (as seen in Samsung renderings 2 years ago )
    Particularly the second device would be perfect for a Q10 form factor with minimal screen for all the take-a-glance activity and would be deployable to >4" screen for multimedia activity.
    Q10 is really such a great form factor, implemented in that direction it would be 'my' perfect phone.

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    08-24-15 11:11 AM
  12. CTU2fan's Avatar
    We're basically talking about a new Torch, and the Torch was awesome!

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    08-24-15 12:16 PM
  13. Xmeatizmurderx's Avatar
    I wish. A slider should be compact, not gigantic and comically gigantic with the keyboard out. Looks like blackberry wanted to hit all the marks on android lover's lists and try to keep a keyboard in too. By trying to please everyone they are going to please no one.

    Posted via CB10
    08-24-15 12:45 PM
  14. motec bb's Avatar
    Yah id love a Q10 sized slider

    Q10 on
    08-24-15 01:03 PM
  15. ToniCipriani's Avatar
    I'd dig that. Basically a direct replacement for my Pre 3.
    08-24-15 01:25 PM
  16. Bbnivende's Avatar
    The Z10 and Q10 are about the same width. A slider of that width would have about the same sized screen.

    Posted via CB10
    08-24-15 01:47 PM
  17. b.mike's Avatar
    I would love this choice. I have been saying it for a while. I feel that phones have grown a bit too much that would be fine, as long as there are a couple of choices left for those of us that would prefer a good one handed device.
    I know that I could just stick with a Z10 or Q10, but I like to have newer, more powerful devices, like many other folks.
    I fear if BlackBerry doesn't offer a smaller slider with some app flexibility, I will have little choice, but to switch to another platform...probably apple. (If you're going to go to the darkside, you might as well go all the way)

    Posted via CB10
    08-25-15 08:32 AM
  18. jas1978's Avatar
    I would try out a slider with the size of the Z10. From the specs I've seen for the Venice slider I think it will be to big for me to use comfortably. I prefer the size of the Z10.

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    08-25-15 11:14 AM
  19. wilber1's Avatar
    Maybe in 2017 if BB survives after the Android trials however if they released a mini slider first they would probably sell 1 to you .
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    08-25-15 07:32 PM
  20. krugbot's Avatar
    Would love it. Loved the Veer, but it was almost too small. The Q10 was the perfect size for me. Wish the Classic didn't have to grow to add the toolbelt.

    Posted via CB10
    08-25-15 10:39 PM

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