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    Google is an American owned company which makes this process even more seamless when it comes to providing the NSA backdoor access. The biggest advantage to owning a BlackBerry has always been the fact that the US government can't intrude so easily since it wouldn't have the same level of jurisdiction. How times have changed.

    If you are hell bent on privacy and security I don't need to even tell you guys not to purchase the PRIV. I will only purchase with the mindset of supporting BlackBerry but the Passport SE will still be my main phone for communication moving forward.

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    10-21-15 07:26 PM
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    Well I hope they're ready for a sh*t load of d*ck pics.

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    10-21-15 07:27 PM
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    Just do not get this line of thinking.... Why would the NSA or CSIS here in Canada care about what I am doing???? I simply am just not that important... that being said... what exactly am I worried about them finding... there is one major advantages to NSA data mining... the more information they collect the more likely a nobody like me falling through the cracks... no .. sad to inform you... most of us have nothing to interest the NSA... data gathering is like the anology of a needle in the hay stack... while looking for the needle... you ignore the straw... us lowly users are the straw and the "bad guys" being the needle..... so you need not worry unless of course you have something to hide.....
    10-21-15 07:34 PM
  4. Acvdm's Avatar
    10-21-15 07:36 PM
  5. tw1g_007's Avatar
    And it's about to get even easier with much wider access.

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    10-21-15 07:44 PM
  6. BDBDBD's Avatar
    The reality is if the NSA, Chinese, or Russians want something off your phone, they'll get it. Governments are already hacking each others hardened resources so a cell phone is a piece of cake. A cell phone is not only a running a consumer grade operating system, you also have GSM/CDMA vulnerabilities let alone the myriad number of apps, email, sms and other types of communications.

    Besides, there are other entities that know more about you than the government. Your credit card companies have a super detailed profile of what you buy, where you buy it, where you live, etc.

    The reality is today that if you are using the web, a cell phone, driving a car, a credit card, rewards card, etc., you are being tracked. Of course you are just a number among millions/billions so there is some safety in that number but there is tracking none the less.
    10-21-15 07:57 PM

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