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    Since updating to MM I get an error when trying to upload pictures to a program I use for work, I used to be able to select as many as I wanted and upload and it would do all of them at once. Now if I chose more than one I get an error that says "Cannot open multiple items from this location. Try selecting a single item instead.". Is there a formatting issue or something that would cause that? Nothing on the software side of my work program has changed. It's annoying because I often have to upload dozens of pictures and now I have to double click through the entire file path into the camera folder and then upload each picture individually which takes forever.


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    05-04-16 04:08 PM
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    UNLESS, BlackBerry ads USB Mass storage again like they miraculously managed with their tweaked Lollipop (as far as I know they were the only company, who uses Android, who added this functionality), all of us who use the SD cards regularly by hooking it up to the computer, are left with no other option than ejecting the SD card from the device and injecting it into the computer.


    I'm almost afraid to say it, but if I knew this before updating to MM, I would certainly not have updated at all.....

    I truly hope the BB team can work magic to find a way to tweak MM like they did with LP. Hopefully they can make a commitment here to at least try (and hopefully succeed) to revive the USB Mass storage in MM.
    To me USB Mass storage and BB always went hand in hand. Almost part of BB DNA, you can say.
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    Damn....well this sucks.

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