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    Once I got Marshmallow I hoped it would make up for the frustration of overheating, mushy back, clicking screen quality issues.

    It didn't.

    I loved it at first, Marshmallow showed promise. I wanted to love it.

    My Company ( and many others) use Microsoft Intune for our Company Email which does not support BlackBerry.

    So long PRIV.

    Hello Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this is how you make a phone (and Passport SE)

    The mushy back of the PRIV without Wireless Charging? Seriously.
    How does that get past QA/QC?

    If only BlackBerry OS 10 had lived up to its promise, I would still be loving my Passport SE. Best Phone Ever.

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    06-07-16 05:04 PM
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    Once I got Marshmallow I hoped it would make up for the frustration of overheating, mushy back, clicking screen quality issues.

    It didn't.

    I loved it at first, Marshmallow showed promise. I wanted to live it.

    Microsoft Intune does not support it.

    So long PRIV. Hello S7 Edge. This is how you make a phone.

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    I hear your joy rocktauber, exactly how I felt when I receive my S7 Edge, lol enjoy your new device ..
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    06-07-16 05:19 PM
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    I'm confused about Intune, never heard of that email system. If they support Android, why not the Priv?
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    06-12-16 02:23 PM
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    InTune is a Microsoft Enterprise Solution Suite for managing Mobile Devices.

    I am not a Tech Head, but apparently the software boots up as Android, but once the Hardware shows up as BlackBerry, game over. The PRIV registers as two devices.

    Anyways, the conspiracist in me thinks Microsoft is gonna fight harder to gain in the Business Software end and BlackBerry is the enemy, so no soup for you, BlackBerry.

    Posted objectively via S7 Edge.
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    06-13-16 02:35 AM
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    12 days I spent with an at&t Priv. I got to admit, it wasn't all that bad. The one I had was built on 5/11/15 and it worked fine. All the apps came over from my galaxy S4 and it was a smooth experience. Yes, it did get warm every now and then. Not enough to make me put it down. The physical keyboard was adequate and great to have when the on screen one gave me grief.

    So why the return? Well, around 16 month ago I stated here that I was back home when I bought my Classic and I meant it. My Classic has performed like a champ, has the best in class keyboard and has the greatest form factor for me. The top position of the power button was something I took for granted. Until it was placed on the left side of the Priv. I carry my phone in my right hand. So that placement was poor for me. The elegance of BB10 combined with the awesome peek & flow UI is far and above its greatest attribute. As for the app gap. If I really, really need something that I can't find on my bbry. I can use my trusty old S4 on mobile hotspot. However, this is usually a rare occurrence. Also, I just didn't like how the Priv felt in hand. I always felt like I was going to drop it. Yet my Passport feels solid and secure (go figure).

    Last, I wasn't too happy with how at&t was handling it's support (or lack of) of marshmallow. Even if it came out today, there is no excuse for it to have taken this long. Now, all this does not mean that I was totally disgusted with the Priv. On the contrary. It was quite a charming blackberry device running Android. I may even revisit it again some day. Or maybe I'll see what other offerings make it out of the gate. For now, Classic and Passport fulfill my needs perfectly.

    Last, if any of you are on the fence about the Priv. Give it a shot you may or may not like it. Better to find out for yourself then to go by word of mouth.


    Posted via my awesome Blacberry 10 device.
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    06-14-16 03:08 PM
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    10 years of BlackBerry summary:
    Loved the Curves
    Loved the Pearl
    Loved the Bolds
    Loved the Z's
    Loved the PlayBook... but was mislead...
    Loved the Passport
    Mislead about the Priv...
    Liked the Priv... but can't get an RMA for manufacturing defects...
    My next phone will be a Nexus or Experia...
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    06-14-16 07:36 PM
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    I understand that BlackBerry had to try something radical, like Android. But to me, without the BlackBerry OS it's just not a BlackBerry. Provincial attitude perhaps, but that's just me. I so wish the Passport came out with Verizon support. I've never been an app hound, I don't do a lot of social media, and the Passport would have given me the screen and overall form factor I love. BB7 was great, and BB10 took it to the next level. If I wanted Android, however, I'd have bought a Samsung or HTC phone. I'm not even tempted to try the Priv. And I'm tempted by a lot of stuff. Heck, I've even had Windows phones!
    06-19-16 04:30 PM
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    I understand that BlackBerry had to try something radical, like Android. But to me, without the BlackBerry OS it's just not a BlackBerry. Provincial attitude perhaps, but that's just me. I so wish the Passport came out with Verizon support. I've never been an app hound, I don't do a lot of social media, and the Passport would have given me the screen and overall form factor I love. BB7 was great, and BB10 took it to the next level. If I wanted Android, however, I'd have bought a Samsung or HTC phone. I'm not even tempted to try the Priv. And I'm tempted by a lot of stuff. Heck, I've even had Windows phones!
    Oh God, windows phones?.. That's bad.. Just kidding xD.. Why don't you get it Unlocked, the Passport?
    06-27-16 04:30 PM
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    Even unlocked, Verizon won't support it because of the lack of CDMA radios. Their network, their rules.
    06-28-16 10:51 PM
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    Just made a post saying I was done with the Priv and going with the S7 Edge...man u wouldn't believe the HATE!!

    So me going with a phone that has MORE features, is faster, and is ALREADY on Marshmallow are friends for me being a troll and going with a "slower phone." But the thread was closed b4 I could reply I'm in Korea with an unlocked one lol.

    I've been Blackberry loyal since the 9000. It sucks bc I gave the Priv the "old college try" and this is what I get from fellow Blackberry loyalists when I can't take anymore of the slowness, not reading my SD card, and other issues I've had.

    I have my "Blackberry by choice" shirt and wear it proudly, but the nerve of some people's feelings bc you've tried and decide to go in a different direction is wack. Thanks for reading lol.
    06-28-16 11:38 PM
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    Good luck to you. If performance isn't affected could just put a skin case on it, most people say that stops the creaking :-) A lot of people use one anyway regardless of the make / type of smartphone.
    So, after spending over $700 for a phone that creaks you think buying a skin is an acceptable solution to poor quality build? The only way I could even begin to entertain that mind set is if someone else was paying because I had no income.
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    07-05-16 12:50 AM
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    I'm confused about Intune, never heard of that email system. If they support Android, why not the Priv?
    In other words intune is competition to good mdm
    07-05-16 01:11 AM
  13. Gajja's Avatar
    So, after spending over $700 for a phone that creaks you think buying a skin is an acceptable solution to poor quality build? The only way I could even begin to entertain that mind set is if someone else was paying because I had no income.
    What I think is; Most people put some kind of skin case on a smartphone anyway.
    07-06-16 07:53 AM
  14. TylerXIII's Avatar
    My name is Tyler, and I am a former BlackBerry Addict. I am currently taking a bite of the "Other Forbidden Fruit"

    I'm selling my PRIV after 9 months and 4 HW swaps.

    I'm just done with the phone. It's admirable that BlackBerry has done so well in regards to this phone in terms of Software support(So far), and hopefully they keep that momentum going for at least two years in regards to a typical upgrade cycle(I know, the upgrade model is going out the window). I'm not sure that another BlackBerry will be in my future if future BlackBerries have this kind of experience(Read below for more context) where one may experience poor build quality and somewhat buggy software(Not so much anymore for BB Android, but still has it's hiccups). If BB10 had better app support and was continuously updated with new features, I would go back to that OS in a heartbeat.

    Full disclosure, I do work for a Carrier currently, and I worked for Best Buy Mobile before, so I am well versed in using Android, BlackBerry OS', Windows Phone and iOS as part of my jobs, but also as part of my love of Mobile Tech and the tech world in general. I would consider myself a power user of Android and BlackBerry 10.

    In no way, shape or form, have I been pressured to write this due to my jobs, or to put BlackBerry(Which I still love as a company, both as an underdog, the tech giant it was, and ) in a negative light. I am just venting my frustration and writing about my experience with the PRIV.

    I have been a CrackBerry addict for almost 6 years. Being that fanboy who would preach the Gospel of the Dark Fruit, and scrunch my face at the mention of iOS, Android(Pre-PRIV) or anything else that would deface the name of the almighty Berry. Yes, I was that guy who would act like a door to door salesman asking, "Have you heard the good word of CrackBerry?", but as time grew, and BlackBerry shot itself in the foot multiple times, more so in the last 4 years, my evangelical ways wore down. I was still a staunch supporter, just not an evangelical going door to door.

    I started out with the Bold 9900 in 2011. As BB10 came out 2 years later, I was excited. I was like a kid in a candy store, or someone opening a present on their Birthday, just like the first day I got my 9900. I bought my Q10 as soon it was available, and shortly after a Z10 to complement the Q10. After that, I heard murmurs of the Z30 and I knew my contract upgrade would go to that as soon as it came out. As time passed, I couldn't resist the allure of the Red Passport and it's sexy Square/Rectangle shape(However one wants to look at it) in December of 2015. Let's not talk about the Leap AND the Silver Edition passport I picked up not even 8 months later in August of 2015 (I know, I'm nuts)... I'd like to add I had never experienced any issues with these devices, and they were classic BlackBerry build quality, and with that, I knew they were tanks AND well built(This is important for later)!

    Then the PRIV came out in November of 2015. November 6th at 10AM, I was at the door of the Rogers store, like a crazed Apple fan at the Apple Store 5 months in advance waiting eagerly for the newest iPhone(Grosse exaggeration I know, but the iPhone part is important). As the door opened, I rushed in and met with my local rep that I usually deal with, she said to me, "You're here for the PRIV I'm assuming?" With a grin, I told her yes, and that I was so excited to get it! She went and grabbed it, and brought it out. As the Upgrade was done, I took it out of the box and saw it for the first time in person, the PRIV! I had so much hope for a company that had some bad times and some poor launches, and for a device venturing into new territory. For me this was a new adventure too, as I would be venturing away from a BlackBerry In-house Built OS, and into an OS that BlackBerry would augment, but not be entirely theirs.
    Over the next week, I would discover the first hiccups of owning this phone.

    I at the beginning, the PRIV was warm, and would stutter a little from what I would imagine, everything settling in(Just like BB10, right?), and then after a few days, a week at most, the phone would be good to go and fly, just like my BB10 phones.

    Boy was I wrong. The phone continued this somewhat stuttery dance, and continued to be a hand warmer(Which was great for the Canadian winter months), though that novelty would wear off as hopeful software updates and app updates, didn't entirely solve the issue. The back, though made of that grippy carbon fiber material I love, would creak and bend while in hand. The screen, though beautiful and in it's curved glory, would depress and click whenever I typed on it(Sure-Press was brought back? I didn't know BlackBerry was going integrate aspects of the BB Storm into the PRIV! XD), and the speaker, while still decent, paled in comparison to the Passport(s) and Z30 in quality and loudness. Call reception(Which is important for me because of my jobs at the time) was less than stellar. In January of 2016, I sent my PRIV in for RMA to get a replacement, hopeful that some, or all issues would be solved with a hardware swap, and I'd be happily married to my PRIV until the next rumored BlackBerry(I was hearing about the Mercury, and that was alluring <3) came into my reality.

    The HW Swap wasn't fruitiful. I recieved the replacement, and it was in some ways worse or the same, with the keyboard being extremely mushy and the back creaking even more than before. I was livid, and enlisted another request for a HW swap after 5 days. At this point, I recieved the third phone at the beginning of February, and it seems okay. The screen click is still there, but the backing is better, the keyboard is firm and gives that tactile feedback like I'm used to, and there doesn't seem to be a creak. I lived with this PRIV, knowing that it nothing is perfect, and that I should just enjoy it as it is. I would deal with the heat again, and the lesser stutters at this point, and eventually join the PRIV beta program. I dealt with my PRIV and it's HW issues for another 5 months. I guess with time though, all good things must come to an end.

    It is the beginning July of 2016, and my frustrations have my non-existent hair splitting. I'm at my tipping point. I have done another HW Swap at the end of June. With no positive results in terms of overall build quality, and while an amazing iteration of Android at this point, BBDroid was not cutting it for me. It felt so displaced, and there was a lack of synergy between the OS and the BlackBerry exclusive apps that were supposed to placate me for the maintenance-mode death that BB10 currently is on. I hoped that the synergy would improve and help with creating a more BlackBerry-esque experience, but still have the benefits of Android. I began to have wandering eyes. While my CrackBerry addict heart hurt, my mind looked at it all, trying to see what phone would be next for me. Would I look into Android? Only if it was stock(Nexus'/Nexi?) Android so I could get security updates on time and newer versions of Android quicker! Samsung has always been a brand I stay away from. Some of the other skins from LG, ASUS, and OnePlus while less than Samsung, were still too bloated for my liking. With that, I began looking at Windows Phone and... iOS.

    I have multiple Windows devices at home and I figured the integration would be great! And it would have been, if I could find a Lumia 950 or 950XL that were at a decent enough price outright considering I wouldn't be able to get them on a carrier. I didn't have the best of luck with that, but I knew it would work well for my needs as I borrowed a Lumia 1520 from my buddy who had moved OS' and phones. So if I could find a well priced Lumia 950/950XL, I'd be good! I still had to give the "Other Forbidden Fruit" a chance, just to be fair.

    I borrowed a iPhone 6S Plus from my friend who had moved up in storage to a 128GB from his 16, so I took it for a spin. Now for me as I said earlier, I was hesitant, still against Apple and their products(Though I activated iPhones each day and helped customers with their iPhones, not to mention sometimes teaching them about features that may be useful), and I almost just gave it back to him, say screw it, and find a Lumia 950/950XL. My CrackBerry heart was broken at this point because I kept it and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with this phone.

    I used the iPhone 6S from the beginning of July to the 21st, where I discovered the ins and outs of Apple's ecosystem all over again(I had used an iPod touch in 2009, and then it broke...), and the perks of Apple pay with my bank and other cards. I discovered the even better camera (FF and Rear) than the PRIV(It had a great rear camera which I took some BEAUTIFUL shots with, but the FF camera left something to be desired).
    I found that the fingerprint reader that was BLAZING fast! The screen while not QHD like the PRIV, looked good, and I didn't mind that having a slightly lower res screen saving me some battery power. I enjoyed the synergy of the apps in regards to Apple making them work in a way that just seemed to make sense. App switching, while strange at first with either 3D touch on the left side of the screen or a double tap of the home button, was easy enough with practice.
    Oddly enough, I found the iPhone 6S Plus peaker to be SLIGHTLY better than the PRIV(Perhaps it was placebo in terms of quality, it was still louder overall). Believe it or not, not once did I have a dropped call with the iPhone in the 21 days I borrowed it from my buddy(I know, surprising right?), wheras I have had more than my fairshare with the PRIV(Which is hard to admit because I know all of my other BlackBerries were historically better with cellular reception and call quality).
    This trial period culminated with the fact that I only had to reset the phone twice in 21 days! One time for the SW reset of the phone so I could start fresh after my buddy lent it to me, and the other for an iOS update that was released on July 18th. Otherwise, I had no acting up of apps, freezing, heat ups of the phone(That I could feel,perhaps the aluminum body helped.), and I certainly didn't have to worry about battery life, this has actually been great where I'm ending my days with about 45-55% on moderate usage, and 15-35% on heavy usage! The PRIV, though it had good battery life after Marshmallow, still was beat out by the 6S+. I would find the PRIV having to be charged before I went out instead of not worrying that I'll be okay. Good thing Quick charge is a mainstream thing now!

    I also know I have the reliablitiy of iOS updates for at least 2-3 more years if I keep this device that long, which is a CRUCIAL aspect for me. I'm aware HW makers usually only have a 1-2 year SW cycle of support usually, but it's nice to know I won't have to upgrade my phone too soon just because of SW support ending.

    Point was, I was sold on the iPhone after so long of resisting it. I became a power user with iOS and went for my own iPhone. I bought a 6S Plus 128GB(At a discounted rate, can't afford that outright :P) on July 22nd. I'm now a happy camper, and while I'm sad that my CrackBerry addiction has ended on a sour note, I hope it's only for now. I hope that BlackBerry can blow us out of the water with the Mercury and the All touch super monster that's "Coming Soon"(BlackBerry should TM that phrase :P).

    I will always be a CrackBerrian and be in this community, just need some time away from the devices associated with it
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    07-26-16 12:49 AM
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    I'm wiping my Priv tonight and sending it back on Tuesday - it's a civic holiday here tomorrow and going back to my Classic until I decide on what phone to buy.
    I've purchased my Classic and Priv from ShopBlackberry Canada because I wanted them unlocked and didn't want any commitment to any of the providers here in Canada.
    My biggest beef about returning the Priv is the support people at Balckberry are truly terrible. I've had to use them for things that I couldn't find in the Crackberry Forums or thru Google.

    For example - the ability to make wifi calls is in the manual but the option is not on the phone. So before putting in my Rogers sim in, I called to ask them a few things: 1 - if the phone is truly unlocked should I not be seeing this option? They answered yes, put me on hold for 2-5 mins ( their standard line) it was actually closer to 6mins...I digress. Then they came back to tell me the feature is there but provider specific.
    So my next question was - if this is truly an unlocked phone will the device lock itself to my sim card or will I be able to swap out the card in my travels. Reply: swap out no problem and that will also fix my wifi calling issue if the provider supports it.
    So I was still not a believer but luckily I had family visiting this weekend and their sim card works in Canada and has wifi capabilities.
    Yes it's also an unlocked phone from the US.
    In the end I swaped the cards but there was still no wifi calling options.
    So that's the background but what pushed me over the edge was the support person had been calling me all week to ask if they could close the ticket. I repeatedly said I will not be able to swap the card out until Saturday please call me back them - they said they would.
    Lo and behold they never called back - so I fired off a reply to one of the emails from earlier in the week.
    So no call back BUT they did reply to my email to tell me that they had call Rogers and were told that BB wifi calling is not supported and only Samsung, Apple and LG were. I knew what Rogers supported but the point of the call was to see if the sim swap would kick start the feature.

    This started to remind me of what I went thru with the Classic and I said to myself not again,
    I know the grass isn't always greener etc - I know that I can use Rogers support for my product but when I'm asking about features that should be there Rogers shouldn't have to own that part BB should...
    So in the end - the phone is nice I tried to tell myself I like the phone better than I care about the support people. But in the end I realized if BB support doesn't care about me and the past 3 BB phones I owned including my paying crazy cash for this one ...then why should I keep giving them another chance..
    They should remember its easier to keep a customer than keep trying to get new ones...
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    07-31-16 08:07 PM
  16. ToniCipriani's Avatar
    Phone's going back. For another RMA.

    Wild vertical line of dead pixels appeared out of nowhere. Hopefully they run out of refurbs and give me a new device replacement...
    08-22-16 12:17 PM
  17. BeMSiG's Avatar
    Returned it because I couldn't justify the cost given the performance. Missing it quite a bit though. Hopefully something interesting comes out in the near future?
    09-01-16 04:13 PM
  18. Paraliotis3's Avatar
    Sadly it appears I will be going back to my 6S. Received my VZW Priv last Friday. Did all the recommended things in this forum. Was on a trip out of town the last three days. I did a pro's/con's for myself:

    Pro's: VKB - the best, love it! The slide out keyboard was OK but I didn't find myself using it that much. The predictive words and flick up of the VKB is really good.; Hub - liked it lots; Rich Text Format email; BlackBerry smart things/tweaks; my Huawei watch integration is great - the latest update activated the microphone/speaker - really good being able to take calls on it.

    Con's: Ford Sync 2 will not auto connect - tried repairing a couple of times to no avail. I think this issue could drag on and its something I use all the time and don't want to have to manually connect every time I get into the car.; Some flaky behavior - e.g. Contacts had to close several times; performance got laggy at times. Battery - sometimes OK, sometimes not. I think much of this is Android and is what I remember between my iPhone stints - I had two of them as well as a Z10. Thought the Z10 was great but lack of apps did it for me. Also had some signal trouble out of town - Priv was in 3G a bunch of times, while my wife's 6S was showing LTE.

    Just moved my SIM card back. Man I hate the Apple keyboard and not a fan of the aftermarket ones on iOS. I guess I can only hope that BB someday comes out with an iOS version - I would gladly pay a subscription fee for it.

    I have 3+ weeks to play with Priv some more - maybe a little more back and forth. I want to love it, but the advantages of the Priv so far aren't overcoming the shortcomings.

    I also wonder if BB is really going to stay in the hardware biz. Nobody else I know is getting a Priv, BlackBerry and I go back to 1999 so there's a lot of nostalgia. Otherwise no way I would have bought it. It is also the 2nd most expensive phone that VZW has behind the S7 Edge. I do not see how there is going to be enough traction to motivate BB to keep making phones. Sad this could be the last BlackBerry.
    why dont you call blackberry and ask then fix this for you the ford connectivity and some other stuff ????

    You have every month updates go with it as it will improve more and more ... I have ios and Z10 the Z10 keyboard is much much better that the ios 6... hate iphone keyboard it sucks !
    09-06-16 04:37 AM
  19. Bigjet14's Avatar
    The PRIV is great!!!!
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    09-06-16 07:56 PM
  20. BayfieldKelly's Avatar
    let me know what you end up buying, I love my Bold 9900 but a Bell rep. talked me into switching plans and I lost the BB data plan that had been added on....and could not get back ! the rep. said BB now runs android.....he was uninformed....I can talk and text....and surf the net.....no BBM or emails coming in. wonder if a Z10 would work using OS10...
    09-09-16 02:05 PM
  21. BayfieldKelly's Avatar
    do you happen to know f the Z10 will work on an android plan ? BBM & email ....my Bold9900 lost that when Bell stopped offering BBdata plans
    09-09-16 02:10 PM
  22. jhanks64's Avatar
    do you happen to know f the Z10 will work on an android plan ? BBM & email ....my Bold9900 lost that when Bell stopped offering BBdata plans
    BB10 phones Q10, Z10, Z30, Classic, Q5, Passport - all of them use regular normal data plans.
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    09-10-16 12:17 AM
  23. evodevo69's Avatar
    Thinking about selling mine.

    Love the screen, the look, the blackberry android OS.

    Tolerated the screen click, hollow back, and mediocre camera. I can accept these flaws.

    But the lag when using the stock messenger app and the HUB, combined with inconsistent battery life, and the heat issue is making me consider.

    The heat issue gets so bad I can feel it through the damn leather case! And this isn't for any intensive tasks it's just when I've been checking instagram, twitter, emails, whatsapp, and texting....no gaming, video, etc

    Even when all apps are closed - if i'm having a long convo via texting, it'll burn up - not always but occasionally.

    Does it get warm a lot though? YES.

    I want to love this phone but the whole experience of using it is so mediocre and riddled with problems.

    Should I sell this and get the S7? lol
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    09-15-16 10:36 PM
  24. tbonecopper's Avatar
    Mine is being returned to at&t today after 4 SIM swaps and 2 hardware exchanges for the constant "No SIM Installed" and "No Service" issue which seem to be the fault of hardware and provisioning, neither of which Blackberry's support or at&t's support, even when conferenced together, can solve.

    It's a shame, I liked the device. at&t just wanted to keep swapping hardware, and believe me, setting up your phone over and over gets old quite fast. Blackberry just wanted data, i.e. screen shots and date/time logs. After a certain point, that becomes irrelevant.

    Thinking of getting a One Plus 3 now.
    09-20-16 07:05 AM
  25. Jbry4306's Avatar
    I had the same problem. 3 warranty replacements and a microcell later I am having a galaxy s7 edge sent to me. I think I'll install the hub, loved that feature.
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    09-23-16 01:32 PM
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