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    I really wanted to like the Priv but after a week with it I have decided to return it, I just can't get on with Android, it's sooo frustrating to use and the lag and stuttering has made up my mind.

    I like the phone itself, and I know updates will improve the experience, but the hub, which is the reason I use a blackberry, feels a bit of a rush job with its jerky motions and lag, not to mention the emails which don't appear or won't delete. The touchscreen lacks responsiveness at times and the browsers, especially Firefox, turn the screen black and freeze the system for a couple of seconds.

    I have no doubt the Priv will turn out to be one of the best Android phones on the market if BlackBerry can get updates pushed out quick, but a bit of me wonders how much they can optimise without being in full control of the operating system.

    In any case, I've replaced it with classic, as BB10 has always worked for me and the lack of apps isn't an issue as I never used very many in the first place. I'm hoping the Priv sells well to keep BlackBerry in the hardware game and hopefully see what else comes out from the BB10 line.

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    11-20-15 11:11 AM
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    There is already a thread for this... be ready to be deleted in 3, 2, 1...

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    11-20-15 11:19 AM
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    11-20-15 11:21 AM

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