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    I just went to the AT&T store and played with the Priv on display.* The phone looks and feels great!* I don't think I'll change from my Z10 for the Priv, however.* The Priv is too large - almost as big as an Iphone 6S+.* Also, the physical keyboard is superfluous.* The keys are small and, after using a touch for several years, I found it difficult to press them fully.* The typing experience was slow and inaccurate.* I might get used to it though, like most people get used to anything they live with for a while.* The touch keyboard on the Priv was very nice, though.*

    Navigating through the screens and applications was a little awkward, just because I don't know anything about Android. I'm sure it would be easy to pick up.

    Anyway, I'll wait 'til BB comes out with something else. Like a shiny new, updated Z10!

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    11-10-15 02:08 PM
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    Please continue in your original thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe.../#post12061760
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    11-10-15 02:28 PM

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