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    Long story short, my wife (and her Priv) went for an unintended dunk in a river. Had it in a bag of rice a few days. It powers up, charges normally, no screen issues, but goes straight to holster mode (clock and icons top centered). I can double tap on the screen to show the clock, but can't get it to unlock. She has a lock screen code so I can't just plug in to copy off internal storage. I've tried to slide the keyboard, but no luck. My guess is the keyboard may have issues, along with the sensors for the holder and slide action.

    Anyone know of a way to remote install an app to gain access to internal storage? The connected google account is still active. We know the passcode. It has no issues accessing the network as we hear notifications. USB works since the phone is recognized.

    Already did the claim through AMT/Blackberry and have the replacement, but just wanted to check if anything was left on internal storage before wiping and sending the old one back.
    05-04-17 10:52 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    User level... don't know of anything you can do. Just log onto your phone via Google's Device Manager and wipe it.

    If you allowed Google to backup the phone, should be simple to get the new one going with all your data.
    05-04-17 12:28 PM
  3. Mirko935's Avatar
    Since that mode is controlled by a magnet in the holster/case, perhaps you should try bringing some kind of a magnet close to the device. Maybe that would somehow reverse it and make it go to the normal screen. Probably won't, but it's worth a try, it's not like you have anything to lose.
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    05-04-17 02:23 PM
  4. Sigewif's Avatar
    Did you try a hard re-set? It is a long shot but might work. My Priv got stuck, in a manner similar to what you are describing, when I was still using the magnetic pouch. A hard re-set brought it back. Hold down the power button 32 seconds. It should try to start 3 times. But keep it down. It is the equivalent of a battery pull. Then hopefully it goes into the reboot, cycle. (this takes some time) which, again, hopefully brings it to life at least long enough for you to get the info off of it.
    Good luck.
    Ps during the re-boot process, the lock screen code will be needed.
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    05-04-17 05:33 PM

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