1. jbassan26's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I posted awhile back asking if the Priv could do live video streams, i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Showtime, ESPN+, so I can stream boxing while Uber'ing (not that I watch the video, but I can at least listen to the commentary). It sounded like it could, so I got the phone, and was able to put it to use on May 25th, much to my satisfaction!

    However, I noticed it used about 2 GB of data in about an hour. I believe when I did a live stream in the past on my iPhone 5C (I think that's the version I have), I think it was more like 1 GB/hour. The former was ESPN+, the latter was Showtime, so maybe that's the only difference, but thought I'd post here and ask. I did look in ESPN+'s settings to see about reducing the quality of the feed, but didn't find anything. I saw a thread concerning reducing the screen resolution to save battery life, and was wondering if that would reduce data usage too? I think I kept it off full screen, since I wasn't sure if that would matter or not.

    Or if someone could direct me how to monitor my data usage even when on WiFi, I could mess with the screen resolution and test it myself here at home, before using it on the road. The way I came up with the 2 GB/hour was by logging into my AT&T account online, and looking at my data log.

    Thanks in advance,
    06-07-18 09:18 PM
  2. erose75's Avatar
    try your provider's website. I have att and there is a "stream saver" (may not be the exact name) I can toggle on or off for each line on my plan. not sure if other providers have a similar option? not sure if there is a setting within the priv itself that will compress data or not? maybe in the espn app itself?
    06-14-18 09:26 PM
  3. anon(2695703)'s Avatar
    stream saver will be there under manage devices and features, depending on your rate plan and provisioning
    06-19-18 03:48 PM

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