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    After I got the PRIV and tried out the rear camera, I noticed it felt different than I was used to.
    Back when I got my Xperia Z after using a Galaxy S3, I was amazed by the smoothness and directness of the 'viewfinder' (live preview).
    Going from Note 4 to PRIV, almost the opposite is true. Although the viewfinder is definitely smooth, it felt less direct. It had what I'd call a 'wobble' effect when moving.

    A few days ago I wanted to try out the PRIV's camera outside by taking pictures of our dog running in stormy weather. It was hard to get a good shot in general, since he was running all the time. However I had a harder time than usual. Due to my tendency to lower the camera soon after taking a picture, most of the photos had significant motion blur all around, where on the Note 4 the result would be more sharp (only the dog would be slightly blurred) - not due to a different shutter time, but due to different timing of the shot. The PRIV takes the shot after I expect to not have to hold the camera steady anymore.

    Using Google Camera made it even worse; I had cases where it took 3-5 seconds for the picture to be taken (with HDR disabled in the BB Camera app, not sure if that is a low-level setting in the firmware). The next day though, that issue was gone and results were closer to the stock camera.

    I have not even tested camera quality in detail yet because from what I've seen I'm quite sure I'll be satisfied with that - for the rear cam, that is. But the lag bothers me. Considering all of the processing that needs to be done, it's not that bad in itself. But compared to my previous phone, it seems worse and significantly so that I may feel the need to bring the other phone with me too when traveling, something I wish to avoid.

    Not being satisfied with a subjective opinion, I decided to do some basic testing and found that the shutter lag for the PRIV is almost 4 times as high as the Note 4's shutter lag (both phones with HDR disabled) under the tested lighting conditions. I could not find any evidence for the viewfinder having a larger lag than the Note 4's though, so I am guessing it is either my brain's interpretation - expecting a more direct update due to the higher frame rate - or some fluke that pops up every now and then.

    Here's my test process, if you're strapped for time you can just watch from 2:30 onward:

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to decrease this shutter lag?
    11-17-15 06:50 PM

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