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    It's been since launch day, but I am in love with this phone!!

    A few things are a bit of a learning curve, but it looks like my Passport is getting parked.

    There are some really cool features.

    Deep down I was always considering trying something different, and this was the push I needed. For sure I miss some of the BlackBerry features, but the Priv will be making it up in other area's I am sure.

    If you are on the fence about this phone, go in with an open mind and you could be very pleasantly surprised!!

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    11-08-15 11:02 PM
  2. NightFire's Avatar
    Still adjusting after 9 years with some form of BlackBerry OS/BB10, but so far so good. Quite the learning curve, but want BlackBerry to survive, as it is either this, some other form of Android (or iPhone or Windows). Love my physical keyboard much too much to give it up now. Enjoy the thrill of learning new things, too. Am eager to learn from those who have experimented outside of BlackBerry. Hope the company succeeds, as the alternative saddens me (more so than what looks to be a move from BB10).

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    11-09-15 01:20 AM
  3. midnightdoom's Avatar
    I got mine Saturday. I love the phone, but am still adapting to android (from z30). And also trying to get used to the physical keyboard..

    I too will miss bb10 but am hoping with updates they give us a few more features..

    I've honestly just been using the square button to exit everything so i can clear open apps to feel a tad bit more like bb10 lol

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    11-09-15 04:22 AM

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