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    Well, I dunno about the Priv. The BB OS is a hard act to follow. Ok so the Priv has the hub but what about the share list which includes Evernote and Remember and NFC and meeting participants etc.? What about Remember? When it first appeared I thought Remember was going to be the core of real productivity. Its integration with Evernote was a real breakthrough. But has Blackberry forgotten about that? Android is just one screen too many for settings and notifications and so forth. Also it is clear the camera is bad. I can't stand the shutter delay on my 10.3.2 Q5 but I shrug and say itīs bottom of the range, but to have that with the Priv is poor in the extreme. From pictures Iīve seen posted colour is good but sharpness is bad. $700 for that? Hmm. I suppose a single speaker is understandable given the design, but stereo makes a difference to intelligibility even from such a small source. One review says the headset volume is poor. Hmm. Thatīs a make or break issue right there. No review has mentioned the assistant. Whatīs going on there? Do we have the Blackberry one or the Google one, which is bad. Does it have NFC? I wouldīt know from the reviews. Does it have miracast and wi-fi direct? None of these have been mentioned. But again, critical for me for presentations. Obviously lots to investigate but is there some collusion to avoid mentioning what the Priv lacks vis a vis OS 10.3.2
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    11-07-15 05:38 AM

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