1. Rob Longmire's Avatar
    Do you think now that it seems apparent that the new phone will have the same touch enabled kb that the passport has if while the keyboard is out that you'll still be able to rotate the screen so you can use the keyboard to scroll through text like the passport does

    Posted via CB10
    09-19-15 04:54 PM
  2. ayngling's Avatar
    I cannot imagine you won't. It should work exactly like the passport.
    09-19-15 04:57 PM
  3. conite's Avatar
    I'm not sure what you're looking for here, but I'll try:


    09-19-15 04:57 PM
  4. evodevo69's Avatar
    You mean in landscape? I'm pretty sure you can.

    Posted via CB10
    09-19-15 05:17 PM
  5. donnation's Avatar
    The video of the phone showed it having a touch sensitive keyboard.
    09-19-15 05:26 PM

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