1. roguerebellions's Avatar
    My Priv is password protected. I know that I'm the only one who has access to my phone and I've had it with me throughout the day. With that said, I double tapped my phone to wake up and when I did there was an image of a couple kissing (I do not know this couple and have no idea how it got there). This is not the typical black background I have for my phone. Can it be that my phone was hacked or something else? Since this has happened, the screen has returned to its regular/normal background and I haven't seen the "kissing couple" since. Can anyone answer my question as to how did that image get there?
    07-06-17 07:08 PM
  2. craig428's Avatar
    D/led any new apps lately?My buddy's phone did this & the culprit was an app with a built-in screensaver function he had to disable.
    07-06-17 08:23 PM
  3. roguerebellions's Avatar
    thank you for the tip. I just downloaded uber so it might have been that.
    07-06-17 11:14 PM

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