1. Beakman's Avatar
    When using my Priv to make a phone call, when I put the phone to my ear using the headpiece speaker, screen touches are acknowledged and the drop-down/quick menus drop and/or other apps open.
    I used the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app and it shows the proximity sensor working well.
    This problem seems to have started recently but to tell the truth, I usually use the speaker phone functions unless I'm in a high noise environment.
    I have the latest OS installed and the following phone apps:
    Rocket Dial, the stock phone app that comes with the Priv OS, and build # 7.0.140861421-nonnexus phone app.
    I keep the stock phone app as default.
    Thanks in advance for any help in keeping the screen unresponsive to touch while the phone is touching my ear.
    10-01-18 03:12 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Does it happen if you uninstall Rocket Dial?
    10-01-18 05:01 PM
  3. Beakman's Avatar
    Hi Bla1z,
    I rebooted the phone and the issue went away, for the time being. But I do believe I had this happen a couple of times before. I will check with Rocketdial removed the next time it happens though, thanks.
    Edit: after the reboot, the screen would black out as should happen when proximate to my head whereas before the screen was live the whole time. I checked all settings and saw nothing out of place.
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    10-02-18 08:55 AM

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