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    Hey everyone, this is my first post here,as I have been an avid android fan since 2010 (after switching from the storm). Nothing against any other OS but android perfectly suits the techie inside me. With the Priv I finally get the best of both world (I think).

    I'm going on 24 hours on the Priv and I am having one main issue that I didn't forsee having. While driving today I had navigation on, was listening to a podcast, and answering and making the occasional phone call. I have my android wear watch connected, and my Bluetooth headset connected. I know it seems like a lot, but this is something a similarly specced Oneplus One android phone that I'm switching from does all the time. What would happen is that my navigation podcast app would close without notice and my watch would disconnect then reconnect. Basically I'm just seeing if anyone that has taxed their phone has had anything similar happen.

    Other than that issue I have loved my experience so far. The swiping gestures on the physical keyboard is simply genius.

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    11-12-15 05:30 PM
  2. iorto390's Avatar
    Sounds like it's running out of memory and killing everything to free up space. Not much you can do unless you want to proactively close applications. Lot of phones have this issue with release firmware. BB will have to release a software update that does a better job managing memory.
    11-12-15 05:56 PM
  3. benjamin19's Avatar
    I thought that as well but when I went to the app section there was always just shy of a gig still free. On my past android phones it would give me a message saying this app isn't responding, and I could click wait or force close. I posted this here and Android Central to see if anyone else had had this happen.

    This is extremely first world problems here. Everything else about this thing is fantastic.

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    11-12-15 06:23 PM
  4. Myedvyed's Avatar
    I have had stuttering / hanging on a few occasions today, but not in the days before. No apps closing automatically though.
    The freezes happened in Facebook and in Hub, but I was not multitasking as much as you describe here (although I concur, that should not be a problem for a phone with this hardware either). Also it seems to affect camera performance at times.

    Not sure what causes this, but I'll keep an eye on it since I don't expect this type of behavior on such a new and still relatively bloat-free device.
    11-17-15 06:45 PM

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