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    Dear Crackberry community, If anyone out there can help with an issue I'm having with my Blackberry Priv, I'd appreciate the guidance.

    I purchased a new AT&T unlocked Priv back in April for use with T-Mobile from a private party (no warranty). I kept the February Lollipop build on it all of this time and had no issues with the phone, but two days ago the phone started to shut down without warning or notification when I wasn't using it. I tried hard resets, clearing the cache, running it in safe mode, airplane mode, with the different radios on and off, but the problem persisted so I updated to the appropriate December MM build using BB's official autoloader. The phone still shuts down frequently, but under MM then also reboots. It will work for a time but then reset when I stop using it again. I tried safe mode, replacing the sim, leaving it in airplane mode and even checked to make sure the battery was well connected, but I'm still having the same problem. Also, it get's very hot in my pocket which it did not used to do (Only significant draw is from the screen and system apps.). It previously seemed to only shut down during idle, but, earlier today it did so after a system freeze while I was using it.

    The only clue that I have is that when the phone is plugged it stays on and works normally.

    Any ideas? Tomorrow I'm going to disassemble it to make sure all of the connections are secure, but I'm not hopeful. If anyone out there has had this issue fixed please let me know. There's no other phone on the market with a similar keyboard, but I can't buy another priv unless I understand what happened to this one and can trust it isn't an endemic issue.
    12-28-16 10:07 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    So this happened on Lollipop and MM? I'd try reloading the OS one more time and then ripping it open and seeing what you can find since there's no warranty anyway.
    12-29-16 01:39 AM
  3. DrGabriel's Avatar
    Yep. The only difference is that in MM, instead of staying off, it reboots. I'll work on that later today and post results. Is there any way to check for NAND integrity akin to chkdsk?
    12-29-16 09:31 AM
  4. DrGabriel's Avatar
    SOLVED | Not Fixed

    After reinstalling MM auto-loader to no effect, I opened the phone to check for loose connections inside the case or other possible sources of error. I found that somehow one of the antenna contact tips had sheared off and the phone was no longer making contact with both antenna leads. This is the likely culprit.

    The design is such that the contact tips should simply rest against the metal antenna contacts, but the leads BB used are so rigid that they dug into the antennas and its's most likely that just from normal flex the phone back sheared the tip from it's base. I found the tip end embedded in the antenna.

    This shouldn't happen to a case protected device that's not even one year old so I won't replace it with another Priv. Between this and and my old rage inducing Blackberry Storm I quit Blackberry, but I hope someone out there will find the above info useful.

    I loved this phone.

    Priv Spontaneously reboots (Not bootloop)-privdel.jpg
    12-30-16 02:19 PM

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