1. Rngadng's Avatar
    I have a Priv (unlocked) with a functioning slider, but cracked glass. I can purchase a second Priv (AT&T) at a steal of price. I'd prefer to keep the unlocked Priv as the daily driver, and thus just swap Sliders between the two devices.
    Is it easy to swap sliders between two Privs?
    I have searched for tutorials on just a slider swap / replacement, but only find complete tear down videos. FWIW, the tear down videos seem to indicate that to get to the Slider requires a complete tear down anyway (i.e., not easy at all).
    07-31-17 02:04 PM
  2. DetritalGeo's Avatar
    it's probably easier to swap the mainboards?
    07-31-17 02:10 PM

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