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    Again, I'm asking for a size comparison for my mother. Currently searching the forums as someone posted the Priv next to the 6+.

    My mother wouldn't buy the 6+ because of size. The Priv is smaller, but weighs the same (keyboard + battery). So if anyone comes up with the side by side picture please share.

    Thanks again! Appreciate the help in getting me on the Priv bandwagon and now my mother lol.

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    11-03-15 01:46 PM
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    In the meantime, I am searching the forum for it. It was a real life picture of both phones side by side. Thanks :-)

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    11-03-15 01:47 PM
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    11-03-15 01:50 PM
  4. DroidBerryGuy's Avatar
    Priv size comparison vs iPhone 6+?-22.jpgPriv size comparison vs iPhone 6+?-iphone2.png

    Nearly the exact same size, except the iPhone is taller due to the FP button.
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    11-03-15 01:55 PM
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    The phone arena website is great. Compared the Priv vs Z30 vs Passport to show the wife a good idea of the size in hand.

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    11-03-15 01:57 PM
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    Thank you both. That'll do for now. I know there was a real life pic floating around, but awesome. She'll be happy with it.

    The one thing she absolutely hates about her AT&T Passport is no cases. She can't change from a pink sparkly case one day to something else feminine. Thanks mostly to AT&T changing the dimensions.

    I told her that this is a world phone and all cases should fit as they come out. Am I correct in stating this? I know there are different variants, but they'll all be the same size for aftermarket cases I'd assume.

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    11-03-15 02:00 PM

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