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    Hello all,

    I had posted this in another forum for general BB chat but didn't really hear anything. Hopefully with the experience in this group I might be able to get some answers. Thx

    I myself have only ever ordered a few items from ShopBlackberry and other than a Playbook delay in shipping, everything has gone smoothly.

    A friend of mine and hardcore Blackberry fan recently bought the Priv at launch in Canada. Tried it out for a few weeks and made the decision that Android and the Priv weren't for him.
    He sent back the phone within the required time frame of 30 days. A few weeks later he gets a call from FedEx indicating his package has arrived. He does a lot of shipping with FedEx so he was shocked to see his Priv shipped back.

    Apparently it was sent back from US customs due to it being a "radio product" and needing some special code for radio frequencies.

    He proceeded to call SBB once again and they promised to send a pre-paid envelope with all the proper information for return shipping etc etc.

    He just got a call saying his package was again returned by SBB. We are now past the 30 day mark here and he asked me if I knew a method to contact Blackberry directly since he wants to lodge a complaint.

    His phone calls aren't getting returned and his emails don't appear to be either. This is borderline fraud in my opinion.

    Like I said before, I am fully aware of some of the horror stories regarding SBB in the past but those have mostly been to product launches and devices getting delivered late. I really can't recall ever seeing any posts where a client has been unable to actually return a device.

    My SBB experience has been fine and his in the past has been good too. In fact he's done 2 different device exchanges with them in the past with zero issues.

    Does anyone have any assistance or tips you can provide?

    Thanks in advance and sorry about the long post!

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
    01-19-16 07:05 PM

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