1. Asdic Ping's Avatar
    Hi All - this morning my Priv started to randomly reboot itself. The battery was around 25% when this started. The reboot seems different to when you restart the phone by holding in the power button in that it doesn't ask you for your security code to complete the boot and under status in the settings the up time is as though the phone never restarted. I haven't installed any new apps for ages although I did update 17 apps a few days ago. My real concern is the battery being on its last legs. My Priv is around 21 months old.

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    07-23-18 05:28 AM
  2. akshay_neudigit's Avatar
    I also think Battery might cause that but since you are facing this issue after updating apps I suggest you to take a full backup and try reloading the OS.. If you have memory card installed please remove that and check if its still rebooting..
    07-23-18 11:25 AM
  3. Asdic Ping's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion. Since fully recharging the battery I'm now down to 23% and so far no reboot so I'm hoping the issue has gone away. We shall see.
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    07-24-18 02:53 AM
  4. bqik's Avatar
    I have 5 Priv, had yesterday and today the same symptoms, looooong reboot that doesn't require password and keeps the uptime.

    in one device the reboot took more than 5min.

    it has nothing to do with the battery, as I have all the devices at full charge.

    all devices are STV100-4

    it is related to an update for sure
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    07-24-18 06:52 AM
  5. Asdic Ping's Avatar
    Interesting. My device is an STV100-4 too. It happened on all five?
    07-24-18 07:51 AM
  6. jbrow306's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue, the last 4 weeks it just restarts by itself no longer requiring the pass code and it sometimes does the optimizing app cycle
    08-02-18 10:33 PM
  7. earlmo's Avatar
    My priv just started doing this a week ago. No recent update as far as I can tell. Will even do it while plugged in and at 100% battery. What is causing this?
    11-20-18 03:56 PM
  8. tonycara57's Avatar
    My priv just started doing this a week ago. No recent update as far as I can tell. Will even do it while plugged in and at 100% battery. What is causing this?
    The same for me but I noticed that after the "silent reboot" there is always a Google Services update...is it possible?
    11-21-18 09:58 AM
  9. Fed66's Avatar
    Yes, there is a Google app Update thats unable to finish. It will bring the Phone to make a Newstart and it will circle in Bootloop a very long time. After the reboot finished it will still remain that it has a Google App update. There are several solutions in the CB Forums. Just seek after issue with latest Google update. Greetz
    11-23-18 05:26 AM
  10. earlmo's Avatar
    Google updated a couple of days ago and the problem has since disappeared.
    11-23-18 01:40 PM
  11. rraffo's Avatar
    Good to find people talking about this issue. I didn't give the right weight to this issue a couple of months ago when I started to configure a Priv to my wife but I've seen the phone occasionally rebooting while was on my desk doing nothing while was connected via usb to my pc. I've observed this behaviors several time and after I've upgraded all was possible to upgrade I've decided to reset to factory default the phone and see if the unexpected reboot issue was disappearing.
    The problem was still there.
    The phone was not initially using any SIM card or SD card and was using the WiFi only. I've also observed the never ending Google app installation and I've started to point my finger to that.
    I've disabled and restore the original Google play store and apparently the Google app installation was solved.
    I've recently switch my wife old phone with the Priv and right this morning she experienced the unexpected reboot. Since I'm not sure if Google app was already been updated this morning I will check this as soon as I will put my hands on her phone. In the meanwhile does anybody else with the latest Google app experienced again the unexpected reboot? Is BlackBerry commented something about this issue? TX!
    11-27-18 02:47 AM
  12. rraffo's Avatar
    My wife correct me... as all wives do! The phones restart yesterday evening and Google app was updated this morning. So, let's see if the reboot will happen again.
    11-27-18 11:29 AM
  13. muhammri's Avatar
    Yes, happen to my priv as well.

    Posted via CB10
    11-28-18 08:08 AM

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