1. tartacutza's Avatar
    Got my Priv from less than two years already. Its first full winter began in nov 2018, when I've first noticed a screen flicker on lower approx 3/4. The top 1/4 of the screen didn't flicker. My device was in a cold room, I noticed the flicker because I received a call. Another situation was when I had my phone in my pocket with outside temperatures of -8 degrees Celsius. Another situation was just last week when I tried to sell the device, outside in +2..+5 degC, the customer was holding it in hand and was browsing through the menu, the screen again suddenly began to flicker (.
    I'm thinking the Priv has a lot of metal in its structure and the electronic components behave differently in cold.
    Does anyone else has this issue on the Priv and managed to fix it?
    I expect BlackBerry support team to contribute
    01-07-19 09:38 AM
  2. colinstone's Avatar
    Mine did that then died permanently a month ago. Managed to put in fridge and get screen back long enough to remove all data using Syncios. New phone only cure!!
    01-08-19 10:21 AM

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