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    Thought I'd post this as I was fooled when I first visited the Google Play Store to update my apps and others may have overlooked it as well. After the first app update attempt I was having a couple of issues so I performed a factory reset and started over. Once complete and after letting the phone settle my experience was much better.

    This is specific to Blackberry Priv apps not third party, here is what I first overlooked.

    Went GPS and invoked "my apps", three bars top left.

    Priv - Public Service Message-google-play.jpg

    Chose "my apps".

    Priv - Public Service Message-gp2.jpg

    Now, I did not chose to "update all" but instead opened each app manually to update "Installed" on device.

    Priv - Public Service Message-gp3.jpg

    Here is where I goofed initially and didn't notice a difference and just assumed no update available for some apps. They are there, just press the white update button. It's like this for the following.

    BBM and BBM Meetings.
    Blackberry Calendar, Camera, Content Transfer, Device Search, Hub and Password Keeper.
    Contacts, DTEK, Notes and Tasks by Blackberry.

    Priv - Public Service Message-gp5.jpg

    The following apps appear a little different in GPS and it is quite obvious an update is there, more so than the above mentioned ones.

    Blackberry Keyboard, Launcher and Services.

    Priv - Public Service Message-gp4.jpg

    Don't know but maybe others may have missed this or perhaps I'm a little daft.
    11-17-15 08:20 PM
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    Simply searching "blackberry" in GPS yields full results and can update there as well

    Priv - Public Service Message-screenshot_2015-11-17-21-14-07.jpg
    Priv - Public Service Message-screenshot_2015-11-17-21-14-14.jpg

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    11-17-15 10:13 PM
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    "BlackBerry Limited" is the best search for BlackBerry apps.

    Posted from my Priv!
    11-17-15 10:16 PM
  4. Pinot2015's Avatar
    "BlackBerry Limited" is the best search for BlackBerry apps in Play Store

    Posted from my Priv!
    Posted from my Priv!
    11-17-15 10:16 PM
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    Hmmm yes.

    Posted via CB10
    11-17-15 10:28 PM
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    OP is talking about how one app has update button on one side and some apps is on the other side. Which is misleading and confusing since you assume it is updated if it just says "Open".

    I concur and I do not know why one apps does this an another does the other. Really F'ed up.
    11-18-15 01:02 PM
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    The reason for the different buttons is there are different kinds of apps:

    - Regular apps: these have an Install or Purchase button when not installed, otherwise Uninstall / Update if there is an update, or Uninstall / Open button if there is no update.
    - Services (including some Android Wear apps): you cannot open these directly, so there is no Open button. There is an Install or Purchase button when not installed, once installed there would be Uninstall / Update or just Uninstall when there is no update.
    - Unremovable system apps: these are preinstalled and cannot be removed, but can be disabled. They will show a Disable or Deactivate button, and an Update button if there is an update. There is also a further distinction between user-mode apps (which can show an Open button) and services (without Open button) here.

    Note I don't know the exact button names by heart, but there is some kind of logic to this.
    However from a consistency point of view, it would be better if they just added all buttons (and kept them in the same locations) and e.g. just disabled the ones that do not apply.

    Edit: I am actually surprised by the amount of apps BlackBerry allows you to fully uninstall. You can uninstall the camera, the hub, the password vault app, device search, the calendar, the launcher, etc. Only the BB services cannot be uninstalled. Most Android devices don't allow for the 'standard' apps to be uninstalled (looking at you, Samsung!)

    Edit 2: Wait, now I'm confused. Sometimes the Uninstall means Uninstall application, while for some preinstalled apps it means Uninstall updates (revert to originally installed version), which is required before you can disable an app. So I'm not sure if all of those BlackBerry apps can be uninstalled, but then again, I have no need to uninstall them.
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    11-19-15 05:07 AM

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