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    One problem I've discovered in the Priv implementation that's actually kind of serious.

    If you load anything into the phone's certificate store (like, for instance, a VPN machine certificate or a private CA) the phone enforces the use of a PIN, pattern lock or alpha password.

    That's right -- it won't let you use Picture Password, but will allow 4-digit PIN, which is far less secure.

    Once you do that the only way out of the box is to delete all the credentials, which releases the OS-level lock on what sort of screen security you can have.

    This is a kinda-serious problem as Picture Password is definitely better than a 4-digit PIN and almost-certainly better than a swipe pattern (even if you do it poorly.)

    BlackBerry needs to fix this; loading a machine certificate is part of good management practice for VPN use, and to force people off the Picture Password (which is likely to lead them to use a 4-digit pin or a weak alpha string) is very, very bad.
    11-12-15 10:17 AM

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