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    10-21-15 08:36 PM
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    Didn't they do that for some time during early days of BB10 for folks with legacy BBOS handsets? They might just do it again although the chance is smaller for that to happen because this is a trial handset to test the waters, unlike BB10 where they bet the farm on.
    I don't think BlackBerry did it to be honest. I certainly didn't have the option when upgrading from a 9900.

    What your thinking of was when some providers were offering a 100 credit for BBOS devices for any new phone, I think t mobile had that deal.

    My reasoning for doing it for BB10 devices (and understanding the Priv is a testing the water device) is because without the BB10 users BlackBerry wouldn't even be making the Priv.

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    Edit: I'm in the USA so maybe that played into it
    10-21-15 09:07 PM
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    Prices rarely ever include tax. Just the way it is here... 13% in Ontario.
    It always strikes Brits, and I guess Euros, as strange that tax is added onto the ticket price. As you say, it's the way it is in North America... But to pay more than the ticket price runs counter to *our* cultural background.

    I recall the first time I bought something in a New York shop on a business trip over there and the checkout guy added sales tax to the ticket price. I had the right money in my hand, the ticket price, and he demanded more. I couldn't escape the feeling that I was being fleeced, even when I understood the reasons. LOL

    Like I say, it's a cultural thing.

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    10-22-15 07:26 AM
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    Well I guess this thread can be closed......
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    10-22-15 07:43 AM
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    Our dollar went to **** , guess the rest of us can wait. I think I'll wait until 6.0 is out or there's a good sale.

    CAD has definitely gone to ****... Can't buy anything right now without feeling gouged.
    10-22-15 10:20 PM
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    And Finally ...
    Pricing for the US version is $699 and Canada's price is $899. UK for 559.
    Shipments are scheduled to begin on November 6.

    Source : BlackBerry Priv pre-orders go live $699 in US and $899 in Canada [Update: UK for 559] | CrackBerry.com
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    10-23-15 09:02 AM
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