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    Upon using the Priv to send countless texts in the past few days that I have had it (I need a physical keyboard, my last phone was a Droid 4...) I have noticed that the shift key will do rather unexpected things when paired with an app that controls the android cursor. Shift functionality seems to have been attempted to be controlled via some Blackberry keyboard service, and it is fighting with the Android cursor.

    Three methods, not hitting shift, hitting double shift, and hitting single shift are as follows (note I am never using VKB):

    I start by focusing in an empty text field, a single shift notification shows up in the status bar, but android cursor seems to be lowercase. I type a letter and it prints an uppercase letter and the shift notification disappears. A little weird but no problem really.

    If I focus in an empty text field then double-press shift, both the android cursor and the notification are hold-shift, which is expected.

    If I focus in an empty text field then press shift, the android cursor becomes a single shift (closed triangle below line), the shift notification disappears, and typing is lower case (the android cursor STAYS single shift). If I am in the middle of a text and am typing in lower case and press shift, the android cursor will become single shift and so will the shift notification, but while the notification disappears after the first letter, the android cursor stays single shift. But here is the real problem, in these two modes I cannot delete. Both swipe left on the PKB and the physical delete button do nothing. I can't imagine why this would happen, but it is pretty debilitating when changing caps in a text, say if I want the first word of a text to be uncapitalized, or if I want to capitalize anything in the middle of a text like a name. The only way to make it stop is by pressing shift again, which oddly sets the notification to single shift, and the android cursor to hold-shift (and the cursor stays that way).

    It's confusing enough to have inconsistent and misleading shift notifiers (notification, cursor), but losing delete functionality whenever I do a single shift is a huge bug with the device.

    Has anybody else experienced this/can replicate with an app that controls the cursor (I am using Handcent Next SMS)? This did NOT happen on my Droid 4 in the same app with the same settings, since the Droid 4 directly accessed the Android cursor.

    I have noticed that in some apps, like stock Messenger, the Android cursor will still be almost always wrong, but I can still delete.

    How might one propagate this information to the developers?
    01-31-16 11:03 PM

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