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    I've been a BlackBerry user since early 2010. First was the Bold 9900, then Z10, and currently the Leap. I've been reading a lot of the posts in the Priv forum and it seems than many people decided to get a Priv solely on the fact that it was new and exciting, which is understandably, human nature for the most part. I was able to play around with a Priv at a Bell store here in Ontario and my initial thoughts were "Wow, what an awesome looking piece of hardware "...so after the initial Wow factor I thought to myself....do I want this, do I need this? I am all about the BlackBerry 10 OS. It is simply better functionally than the Android OS. ( I have tried Android for several weeks with an phone given to me by employer, as well as my wife has been "Mrs Apple" for the past 5 years) I understand the learning curve associated with a new OS and for me, I kept coming up with the same thing over and over. "Well that's not very productive". The lack of apps is not really a problem for me as well as many other people. I really don't need 15 versions of the same app. I also wonder if having both a physical and virtual keyboard is really a good thing. Can humans be great at both simultaneously? I was all about the Bold keyboard, could text a mile a minute. Went to Z10 and the keyboard drove me nuts for a short time. Now I can't imagine using the physical keyboard. I want the Priv to do well for BlackBerry because I want to be able to find at least one person out on the street that has a BlackBerry. We are getting harder to find.

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    11-16-15 06:49 PM
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    I came from a passport ( since launch) and an iPhone 6 since July as my main phone. I like new shiny stuff so I hold phones.

    I switced back to my passport weeks ago because I was tired of iOS not having a single hub for all my messaging. The passport is great and the battery is phenomenal. But the price is a better phone for me. The keyboard took a bit to get used to again as it is smaller but I find I prefer the keyboard to the vkb if I'm typicing more then one sentence. It just far more accurate while being the same speed.

    The apps are great and the camera is better then my iPhone 6. The screen is amazing and the whole phone keeps begging me to pick it up. But the battery isn't as great as my passport but I get home at 6pm with 70% battery but it drops off faster at home due to low signal strength (with all my phone) but even so I can now walk around my house while one a phone call without issues. With my iPhone and passport I would break up or loose the call. Not anymore.

    The hub is good enough for me and was the one thing keeping me on bb10. Now I can have what android offers while giving me a unified inbox
    11-16-15 10:30 PM

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