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    A friend bought two of these and gave me this one. According to its menus, it is a STV100-1. When powered it makes the AT&T hellcome screen and tone, but on the screen once booted up, it says it has no sim card and that a driver for the SD card is needed.

    OK fine. But look at the top of the phone. There are no slots, no holes, I can't find anything there. There's the one little microphone? hole in the display top, but just solid plastic in the body of the phone.

    Priv model does not include SD and SIM slots? Nothing there, no holes?-priv-stv100-1_top_no_slots-holes.jpg

    What kind of Priv model is this, maybe proprietary?
    I have not found anything on the web about this weirdness, but maybe I don't know what to ask about. It seems kind of maddening, with every manual and video saying 'insert the tool there and out slides the card holder.."

    I certainly won't complain to my friend about a free phone, but I need to figure this out to know if the phone will be useful to me before I buy service for it.
    02-17-20 02:40 PM
  2. Nguyen1's Avatar
    I could be blind, but it looks like it’s in a case. If so, remove the case.
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    02-17-20 06:49 PM
  3. the_boon's Avatar
    The phone is in the original olive green case.

    Remove the top part which covers around the screen and then remove the bottom part in order to see the sim and SD card slots up top
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    02-17-20 09:31 PM
  4. opcom's Avatar
    A case. I had never seen one, so there's a surprise. OK I'll find some video on taking that apart. I don't want to break it.

    Before posting, I already took the top (screen) green case part off, but the bottom part seems like part of the phone to me.
    02-18-20 09:21 AM
  5. danfrancisco's Avatar
    I have the same case in blue. The back/bottom part comes of really easily. Push through the camera hole in the back and it will pop off.
    02-18-20 10:15 AM
  6. opcom's Avatar
    Thanks! that worked out well. There is a 64GB SDcard in there. No SIM, which was expected. Since the phone comes up with ATT, so I assume it's locked and I may have to use that service but the bigger issue is the SDcard. There's a gear icon on it's image on the main screen, and it says "media card driver required. Touch to download and install the exFAT driver required to use your media card. " That makes sense, but for the fact that the card was full of images so it has been used already.. So the driver should be there. I am going to talk to the guy I got it from and find out, and do some searching before asking for answers on that.
    02-19-20 06:04 PM
  7. Nguyen1's Avatar
    Be careful. There are reports on Crackberry of the SD card crashing / becoming corrupt if you remove it while the Priv is on. Turn it completely OFF when removing or inserting the SD card.
    02-20-20 07:19 PM

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