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    I have a volume-limited plan from simple mobile in the US. With the SIM card in a Q10, I am able to activate and use the mobile hotspot function without issue. But with the same SIM card in an unlocked PRIV, I can't see to get the mobile hotspot working.

    After enabling the hotpot knob on the phone, I am assigned an IP address to my laptop without issue (192.168.43.x with priv gateway by the DHCP server on the PRIV. Browsing works fine on the PRIV itself so I'm getting an IP address from the P-gateway/APN. But from my laptop I'm unable to ping or traceroute to any hop past the PRIV. The device hasn't been rooted so no funny routing or NAT configurations have been changed.
    04-17-17 12:13 PM

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