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    since with the MM Update for the Priv, I am wondering or more having a problem with the system connected to the computer. I was used to connect my older phone (Android 4) into USB "Stick" mode, where I only had access to the SD card of course. Well, that doesn't give me any trouble and it was similar to an external hard drive.
    Now with MM on my new phone Priv, there is only the MTP mode, which gives me access to internal and sd card. The access to both are pretty slow. For example to get to know how big a folder is, can take a while until I get the whole real size. But what bothers me most is this problem: When I am in my music folder and want to play a song, it is only possible with Winamp; no media player classic or VLC access. Also bigger filesizes needs like a loading time/buffer until I can play them (windows popups a copy bar like if I would transfer a file) - videos are horrible with this. This is pretty annoying when I want quickly to check, if I can delete files.

    I want to know: WHY? And: Is there ANY way to get the faster USB mode?
    05-08-16 12:38 PM
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    From my understanding USB mass transfer / storage mode completely blocked access to the SD card by the phone while in use, which apparently causes problems when the phone wants to access apps and data. Why can't Google create an option whereby one can choose to use the SD card as mass storage only (no apps) , thereby allowing USB mass storage?

    I don't have a Priv yet, but when I get one, the situation the op describes will certainly frustrate me. Feels like I'll be trading off app availability for function.

    Posted via CB10
    05-08-16 06:39 PM
  3. WT44's Avatar
    Don't you check the posts before starting a new topic?
    On the first page of CB alone, there are 2 threads about the subject matter already.
    05-08-16 07:00 PM
  4. PloufsPuppet's Avatar
    I know they removed this function with MM and thats not the problem itself. However it seems that there COULD be another way. If i read it right the mass storage ability was removed with android 4.4. However the Priv still had it on Android 5 but removed it with MM. And I would like to know, if there is ANY way to get at least a faster and better working ability somehow for that.
    05-09-16 09:04 AM

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