12-24-18 10:52 PM
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  1. the_boon's Avatar
    Boon was a major proponent of the PRIV after many of us here moved on to KEYone or Key2 hardware. In fact Boon and EskeRahn have done much here to maximize PRIV usability. Compared to KEYone and then Key2, the gap between each device has become that big, if discussing performance.
    Yeah, I owned 5 Priv's, they all behaved the same and I tried to push the battery life as far as possible.

    The takeaway:

    I wouldn't trust it for a heavy use day
    12-24-18 09:16 AM
  2. anon(10538261)'s Avatar
    I actually really really like the Priv's back texture, and the fact that it also wraps around the sides makes it easily the grippiest modern smartphone I've ever owned or even held.

    That said, I wouldn't ever go back to it, the performance and especially battery life is just too disappointing, and people here know how much I tweaked my Privs to push it as far as possible. It's just not a device I can really depend on if I need it to last a full day of moderate/heavy use, even if I have consistently got 4.5 - 5.5 hours of SOT on mine.
    Just imagine if the PRIV had the battery life of the Keyone or Key2. I will always love that phone but it just had so many damn issues. It was a very premium looking phone. But I am loving my key2 Le. I just don't see TLC making a slider phone.
    12-24-18 10:52 PM
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