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  1. colinstone's Avatar
    Well, my PRIV is just about 2 years old - ordered Black Friday 2016. This morning the screen started flickering, a few green flashes and then dying.
    Tried various reboots - 32 second seemed to work but screen flashed and died after a few minutes. And then just wakes up for a while and then screen goes black. It is doing it at normal room temperature.
    Guess that is the built in obsolescence?? Time for a new phone??
    Or is it just a new screen required??
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    11-29-18 04:45 AM
  2. PantherBlitz's Avatar
    Time for a new phone??
    Yep. Priv screens are more expensive than most. Your problem could also be with the phone SoC itself, and a screen replacement would do nothing to solve the issue.

    I would move everything of value off of that phone ASAP and migrate before the screen stays black forever. Check the marketplace forum here for a replacement.
    11-29-18 10:05 AM
  3. colinstone's Avatar
    Thanks. Can't get screen to stay on long enough to be able to select file transfer for Syncios to grab the data etc. At the moment I'm trying to prod the screen where the file transfer option is.
    If someone can post screenshots of the following process, then I might be in with a chance.
    So, I know when I activate my phone from sleep using the power switch, I then swipe up to unlock. Then swipe down from the top to show some options including charging - select for more options. Then on the next screen is file transfer. Which is the one I need.
    I already have developer mode and debugging mode when connected by USB enabled.
    UK mobile insurance will repair the phone with just a £25 excess. I'll be able to recover a lot of the data from my old BB Bold when I did the switch 2 years ago.
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  4. colinstone's Avatar
    Well, phone written off and decent cash settlement. Phone cost me under £50 over 2 years.
    So got a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. 4Gb/64Gb version. 4000mah battery. 5.84" screen. Dual sim plus SD card.
    2 years OS, 3 years security support. Runs lovely and cool!! Loaded up with BlackBerry Hub etc and not very different to PRIV.
    12-23-18 03:10 AM

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