11-09-15 05:34 PM
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    For 8 years I am now a loyal BB customer. I began with BB phones that had no camera, they had a scroll wheel on the right side, long before the "belt". For about 8 years now I always wanted to have one of these new fancy phones that can do everything, have a great camera. But my BB devices never had a good camera.

    Nonetheless, I always was loyal. Since Android entered the market, I was scared by the Google statistics policy and the "call home" mechanism. I always tried to accept it and hoped for the "one" BB device that will one day offer both fun and professional security. Now that BB finally releases this device, they have fun, but drop what I believed in - the software.

    This so hard to understand. Maybe buying Apple is the final consequence, I do not know. iOS 9 is definitely more secure than Android, we use it in our company and the IT department is vey convinced that it is secure. The Priv with OS10 is the device I was waiting for for the last 6 years. Now I realise that it was (probably) a waste of time. I am afraid that there will be no OS10 device anymore, at least that it the impression one gets.

    However, thank you Blackberry. The last 6 years I at least enjoyed the physical keyboard. But I think 2015 it is time to eventually buy a phone with a good camera, I waited long enough for it - but it won't be an Android device for sure, it will never be.
    11-09-15 03:43 PM
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    U guys ***** about everything dam the Priv is a really good phone

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    11-09-15 03:48 PM
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    U guys ***** about everything dam the Priv is a really good phone

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    The Priv is a good Phone, BUT the OS is the problem.

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    11-09-15 05:27 PM
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    I can appreciate why the Priv came out as an Android device. My wife's company, Hewlett Packard, will not let their employees use a Blackberry device, their choices are either Android or Apple. So even those who want to us a Blackberry, like my wife, can't. This device opens Blackberry up to businesses that for now have been closed off to Blackberry.

    I'm still using my Z10. I like the Z30 but it's too big to strap on my arm for my weekly runs. I'm also not really a fan of the Leap (low end specs), the Passbook, or the Classic - great phones, but I need the screen real-estate and some apps just don't run (even using Snap) on the keyboard devices.

    I love the flow of BB10, it may take a little longer to learn the OS, but once you're there, every other OS feels clunky (as was highlighted by Chen when he recently demoed the Priv - which of course means he's currently using a BB10 product :-)

    I would have purchased the Priv had it been a BB10 device. I would have paid up to $1000 for it given the specs and the fact it was a Blackberry. I would have adjusted to the larger phone for my runs because the specs are finally worthy of a Blackberry fan. My company still supports Blackberry, but for how much longer, especially given this announcement, is unclear. I'm disappointed that so many good suggestions on Crackberry didn't get executed on. A dual boot phone, a choice between BB10 or Android being the top two I was hoping for.

    Unfortunately I will not be buying the Priv, I can't stand the Android OS, it's awkward, slow and not intuitive. Unfortunately I'm also a shareholder, so I want the phone to be successful, which could speed the demise of BB10. You'd think with $3 billion in the bank they could have solved the app issue, especially with Android Run Time in the background.

    Best of luck Blackberry, with no new BB10 devices on the horizon this will likely be my last post. I hope they have a change of heart, but current commentary does not support this. I'm not sure what my next phone will be as I don't like Android, I don't like Apple and didn't really care much for Microsoft's latest offering. Most of all I'm disappointed that Blackberry is giving up on BB10 - sure, two new software releases while they try to convince the world they can secure Android, but that's not a new phone it's a bait and switch.

    It's been a great ride, until we meet again.
    There are not many phones small enough now to run with. That is why I relegated my z10 to a better version of a iPod.
    11-09-15 05:34 PM
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