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    In the last few days, I have noticed that my Priv no longer vibrates when receiving emails within the HUB.

    I have taken numerous actions to try and rectify this:

    Lowered volume using volume rocker button to all the way down - device vibrated once and showed the vibration icon, yet no vibration on incoming email.

    Ran Diagnostics BBVE on notification which passed.

    Tried 3rd part app and set to notify (vibrate only ) on HUB - no joy.

    Went into settings>sounds and notifications and made sure "Also vibrate for calls" was checked even though the calls were not the issue.
    Same area, and made sure that interruptions for messages was enabled. No joy.

    Again, I just started noticing this in last few days. No update for HUB recently,
    Running VZW 5.1.1 with June Security patch (please don't go there...)
    HUB version

    Cant have phone on ring for email notification in meetings, but also can't miss inbound emails..

    Hoping Cody sees this and any help or thought you guys may have would be greatly appreciated.
    11-03-16 09:35 AM

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