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    Has anyone found any real world head to head reviews with the priv and other 2015 flagship Android phones? Or heard of any that may be coming. With the reviews being such a mixed bag of polar opposite opinions I'd love to see how they really stack up to one another and not just on the spec sheets.

    My only experience with the Priv so far was with a demo unit in a Telus store. Seemed to run smooth and for the most part seems like every other Android I've used. Aside from the BlackBerry apps that is. I also changed some of the BlackBerry settings to be more reflective of Android (eg.recents to rolodex) so potential buyers felt more at home.

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    11-09-15 02:14 PM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    All of these bad reviews you are seeing are wrong for the most part yes it has a few issues but read the crackberry review it's all there and honest.

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    11-09-15 02:19 PM
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    I have read most of the reviews and the biases kill me. I'd love to see a head to head to hopefully put the negative reviews to bed.

    The problem with most people is they will read only the headlines (which a lot of times don't even reflect the article) and just say "website so and so says it's horrible and its a BlackBerry so I won't even looks at it".

    I'd like to see an article that shows it can run with the big boys

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    11-09-15 02:28 PM
  4. zipro's Avatar
    The Verge released theirs today - it's very negative, but it really doesn't strike me as biased.
    11-09-15 02:29 PM
  5. saxxman's Avatar
    Here's GREAT review, although very long to watch. But I was extremely pleased with what these guys said!

    Android Central 261: The BlackBerry Privcast | Android Central
    11-09-15 02:30 PM
  6. mstrblueskys's Avatar
    I think it's important that we compare this with it's competition. It's a very nice ANDROID phone. As far as Android phones go - it has flagship specs and behaves as such. It's obviously a more expensive phone than the Asus Zenfone, but it's on par with that phone (which has an Intel Atom and 4GB of RAM) and the others I have tried.

    The nice part about this phone is that the launcher is minimal and effective. I don't know why reviews are giving it garbage. I think the Hub is freaking awesome. Seriously, let me track ALL notifications at once. It's great! I don't miss anything when using it.

    To do a side-by-side is a waste of time. Look at specs and know it's not Touchwiz and bogged by weird software tools you won't use (though it's been much better recently) and it's not ugly like ZenUI.

    It's in a device category all alone with its keyboard, now. It's a very nice machine if you want to use Android.
    11-09-15 02:36 PM

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