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    Background: switched from BB (z10, Q10) to android (Galaxy Alpha) year ago drawn by more expansive ecosystem. Thoroughly miss the productivity benefits of bb10 (never owned a BB prior to bb10 release). Was excited for release of the Android Priv.

    Why I wont yet buy the Priv:
    The fragmented experience elevates complexity the user experience and negates the benefits of each OS. By this I refer to (in order of importance):

    1. Blackberry Hub! Presently seems like a glorified email app rather than the unified command center for all communications and notifications it should and could be.
    Having to leave the app to view sms history and reply to messages. Same goes for whatsapp and other integrations that aren't yet implemented in any form. (I saw from forum participation of BB employees that this is being worked on and look forward to having my mind changed.)

    2. Productivity tab is superfluous and complicates the experience. Itís a nice feature but fragmented and requires thought as to which gesture to use and when (doesn't sound significant but detracts from experience and productivity benefits). Much of the productivity tab's functionality could be answered by a properly implemented Hub or lockscreen. Peek was intuitive and could be drawn directly into the hub or dismissed, dependent upon the information revealed in the peek motion.

    There is no technical reason why peek couldnít be implemented in Android. The sidebar app found below shows how a sidebar can be swiped over the android screen homescreen or any other app) according to finger position rather than either being hidden or fully covering the screen. This is similar to the peek motion but is activated by swiping from the screen bezel.


    3. Wireless charging - unnecessary discrepancy between international variants. I rely on wireless charging, have a bunch of Qi accessories and as a UK business owner benefit from purchase of company phones in the UK. Why should UK and Canadian users be charged more for a lesser device?

    4. Can't switch the Google now shortcut. Personally I'd switch the motions to replace the Android bar app switcher home and back buttons (freeing more screen estate), use keyboard shortcuts to launch blackberry search and Google now, and swipe from the screen edge to launch blackberry hub (/peek as suggested above).

    In my opinion the Priv has the makings of a great device but falls short on aspects of implementation in a manner that compromises overall integrity.
    11-16-15 05:16 AM
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    Thanks..these are important points

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-15 07:49 AM
  3. kevwill6115's Avatar
    Great review. Couldn't agree more. The phone is definitely a work-in-progress. Hopefully BlackBerry can iron out the bugs and implement some more of those classic BlackBerry 10 features.

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-15 07:52 AM
  4. talalal's Avatar
    Cheers all. I don't know how they lost their way with this. It's as though they added weak emulations of BB10 features so they could attract their fanbase. Also hope it's a work in progress and not a final product, at least the BB representatives roaming the forums do seem to care.

    Would rather have a weak launch and know the company's committed to its improvement than buy from a company that has a more attractive initial proposition but lets it fade. Still need the hub gripes repaired before I'll purchase a Priv.
    11-16-15 12:51 PM

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