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    My first smart phone was a torch slider and I friggin loved that phone. So when I saw the priv I was interested. I have been using wp for a couple of years and really like the os. My thought was try out the priv then go with the 950. After a couple of days with the priv my thought was the 950 will have to kick azz! The 950 is a strong phone. The priv is something new and innovative along with the passport. Blackberry has got me excited about what they're going to come out with next in a cell phone world of everything looks the same. The priv is the first phone that has got me some what excited. I know the it is not as productive as bb10. I'm not a fan of Android myself. But BlackBerrys take on android is good, and with time is going to be awesome. It got me to switch back to BlackBerry and I'm betting it will get a lot more to move to BlackBerry. I glad to see it. I also invested in blackberry a while back (bb10) so I'm really hoping they kick azz ;-). Just an ex BlackBerry (and always was) fan that is once again a BlackBerry fan. The priv is a good thing.

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    12-09-15 10:52 PM
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    Welcome back home! Enjoy your new device!

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    12-09-15 11:06 PM

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