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    Facebook Birthday sync is a feature available in BB10 by default and I was very happy with it as it notifies 24 hours in advance.
    I couldn't find this in the Priv as there is some problem with Facebook integration.

    I tried to find a solution for this and found an app called "Facebook Calendar Sync" in Play Store and it perfectly synced all the birthday's and events in to the calendar. Its a free app and below is the link to download,


    Hopefully I wont miss the birthday's anymore
    11-17-15 03:50 PM
  2. ldd0414's Avatar
    This seemed to work great until I discovered that it adds a new account to the Hub. The issue with this is I get two simultaneous notifications in the HUB. One from the actually Facebook app and one from this app. I found this annoying and thus deleted the app because I couldn't find a way to turn this account off so I wouldn't get two Facebook notifications.

    When I looked at my calendar all the events and birthdays showed correctly from Facebook that I was expecting. I just didn't like the the multiple notifications with no way to turn it off so I deleted the app. If they (Calendar Sync for Facebook) fix this issue of their app needing to display a notification in the Hub along with the actually Facebook app, I'd reconsider downloading it again.
    Last edited by ldd0414; 04-24-16 at 10:12 PM. Reason: Updated after the app was installed for a bit
    04-24-16 02:29 PM

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