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    It needs to impress everyone else.

    So for the past week I've sat back and read all of the reviews and opinions both good and bad. I find it interesting that the Priv has received a lot of praise from both online reviewers as well as android users. I think that they are ready for something different than what is offered by other manufactures. Over here at CB, the harshest critics of all have been slamming it. I happen to find a bit of humor in this. Because for years, I've seen folks beg for the android solution on their blackberry devices. Many have jumped ship to go hang out with Lloyd. Blackberry has pulled out probably one of the most compelling android powered devices that differentiates itself from its competitors in quite a long time. I credit them for such a bold move.

    This is probably one of the most interesting times of Blackberry's existence. The current stable of BB10 devices includes the Passport, Classic and Leap. For those who are still happy, they still have their Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z30. So much variety in hardware with the OS most of us are comfortable using. Now, we have the Priv by Blackberry. Created to entice the rest of the mobile world into choosing their product. Just like the Classic was created for the 9900 (and other) legacy holdouts. I see the Priv targeting two types of users. Those who want a Blackberry but don't want to give up the freedom and choice that android provides. Second, those who love Blackberry, but are sick and tired of running apks. For the rest of us, I feel that we are quite content with the simplicity and elegance of the BB10 OS. Also, considering how much of us are tech nerds. I can only imagine how many cross platform devices we really have in our homes .

    In closing, all I would like to say is this. I happen to love both platforms. I find pros and cons to both ecosystems.In all honesty, my android devices have been assigned to media (music and movies) and casual social media reading. The Blackberry is for every day work and communications. It works well for me. However, and I've said this many times before. Blackberry should have made their apps that were good, great. They should not have partnered with Amazon. They should have kept there eye on what people wanted (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy). We never needed a lot of apps. We needed great "killer" apps.

    I hope that the Priv by Blackberry kicks *** and takes names. It most certainly has stirred up a lot of conversation and controversy over the past few months. Also, I really hope Blackberry does not abandon OS10. They really have something special here and most of us know it. Either way, I for one am proud and happy with both my Classic and Passport. Will I ever get a Priv? Maybe. It is a compelling android device that has opened up some new and refreshing possibilities. For now I am eagerly and patiently awaiting more real user reviews of this device. It's going to be a lot to absorb.
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    11-08-15 07:54 AM
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    Well said. Waiting for more reviews myself. The slider is not an attraction for me but the OS concept needs more evaluation. Patience is the watchword for me.

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    11-08-15 08:03 AM
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    Tech geeks are the hardest to please..

    Blackberry was too busy recovering from the disastrous BB10 launch to worry about ecosystems and apps...by the time they patched up BB10 to its current state, the game was over too many people jumped ship. I'm with you on using my phones only for communication. I work with software so my PC's are high end machines at work and home, I have laptops and my ipad keeps me connected in airports...I don't require my phone to entertain me so I could care less about app catalogs. But I'm not representative of the mobile markets, which see people want every aspect of their lives plugged into the phone and working seamlessly. This is what Blackberry failed to realize early on.
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    11-08-15 08:15 AM
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    Here, Here!!!
    11-12-15 10:55 AM
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    I love BlackBerry but hate to have no apps.
    11-12-15 11:15 AM

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