1. Lucas Sexton's Avatar
    Does anyone know a good contacts app that does not crash all the time? Yes I have disabled as many background apps as I can, I have approx 10,000 contacts in my phone due to work, no deleting some of them is not an option due to this being 12 years worth of my business dealings. Which I suspect is part of the problem as I only upgraded from a torch 2 as it was very slow due to the number of contacts.

    Can I also upgrade the ram & cpu in the phone? I find it absurd these new phones are effectively PC's but you can't upgrade the hardware. Anyone got any ideas, other then buying a new blackberry, unless any of the new phones have a physical answer and hang up buttons along with the roller button as another complaint is all these touch screen phones aren't pratical as I am located in a very humid environment, constantly outside and the touch screen doesn't work when it is wet from sweat.
    05-03-18 08:22 PM
  2. gizmo21's Avatar
    I have no alternative for you but perhaps contacting and sending crash reports to @LiamQ to have BlackBerry fix the problem could be at least a last try (if you not did this already).
    Perhaps you can reproduce it or perhaps these are is just some rogue contacts and has nothing to do with the amount, it could be chance to have it fixed.

    But I also have to say contacts app is the one of all BlackBerry apps that crashes most frequently (which is every 2 month in my case).
    05-05-18 01:18 AM
  3. LiamQ's Avatar
    Does anyone know a good contacts app that does not crash all the time?
    Could you send a Bug Report to bbappsupport@blackberry.com shortly after experiencing a crash in the Contacts app?

    To send a bug report, you will need to enable Developer options (tap 7 times on Build Number in Settings -> About Phone). Then in Settings -> Developer options, you can tap “Take bug report” and share that with an email client. If the option is greyed out, toggle “Enable USB Debugging”, which should enable it.
    05-07-18 10:25 AM

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