1. thinkinfinity's Avatar
    Some people seem very optimistic about Priv's futures sales and others have a more realistic approach.

    You too can help Priv's (humble) beginning success and increase its sales.

    How and what would you tell your family, friends, cowokers, social network followers to buy Blackberry Priv.
    You as well can help Priv become their best Android experience.

    Show them all the beautifull photographs of Priv, tell them its spefications and let them know that they will be even more unique Priv users, since the whole world will not have it under the Christmas tree.

    A good selling point can be Priv's uniqueness.
    Make it special, seductive, appealling, elegant and classy.

    Ask yourself, how would you convince your family and your friends to order that beautiful phone.
    Beautifully wrapped, it will be the perfect gift for Christmas.
    09-29-15 05:05 PM
  2. ksigma's Avatar
    Why would u waste ur precious time advertising for blackberry? I will only do it if I see some hard work being done by blackberry and it's marketing team. Idiots have been slacking and not doing their job properly. Did u see how their incompetent team screwed up on BNN? And those nasty images on blackberry.com?

    I don't understand the secrecy around the phone when u have the CEO demoing and fumbling on network tv. Since he already had a official revealing on BNN let's just bring it out. Screw marketing.

    Posted via CB10
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    09-29-15 05:17 PM
  3. Q10Bold's Avatar
    Thats sad. No I wont.
    If it will be with BB10 I will advertise. But with android? NO! NO! BlackBerry is on its own.
    Chen choose android so he should take the whole negative/positive of his decision!!!!!!

    Posted via PP
    09-29-15 05:21 PM
  4. thinkinfinity's Avatar
    I was wandering about peoples' opinion.
    There are many Blackberry fans and die hard fans who want BB to continue the handset business and thus keep BB10 OS alive.

    I don't advertize for a product or a brand.
    09-29-15 05:22 PM

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