1. II ARROWS's Avatar
    I've got 3 PRIV with similar issues.
    Basically the charging process is randomly very slow, one this summer became very unreliable, sometimes not charging at all. but just discharging slowly then normal when connected.
    The cable doesn't make a difference, original or not, new or old, original charger or any USB port...
    I bought a new one, add sometimes it still charges slowly, but not so often add I can solve it by unplugging it add plugging in again.

    The same situation occurs with my sister one, we changed the battery once but it's no difference. Last night it completely stopped charging, it recovered on the morning.

    It's me or 3 phones and 4 batteries hint something on the software or old batteries, or are they just a coincidence?

    Anyone else experiences slow charging at times?

    Any advice?
    I tried to see if the issue was the USB port, I even bought some replacement when I changed the battery but I don't have the right equipment or dexterity to solder it back... Plus, it seems fine and it still connect.
    12-28-18 11:46 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    It's an issue that many PRIV owners have run across here... more not charging than slow charging. Think it's hardware but not the port, but the power module.
    12-28-18 02:46 PM

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