1. ciaoitalia's Avatar
    Hey guys I am an old reader of this forum and have one question so it will be my first post. Is it normal that when I open the camera app I see for 2, maybe 3 seconds screen flickering? Then itp stops. It looks like taking picture for tv or other screen, dont know how explain better in not mine language.

    Thanks for attention.
    12-27-18 12:27 PM
  2. tonycara57's Avatar
    Ciao. No, non è normale e non dovrebbe farlo. Il mio, ormai vecchio di 3 anni, non lo fa assolutamente e sullo schermo, dopo aver tappato sull'icona della fotocamera, appare istantaneamente 1/2 secondo di nero e poi nitidamente ciò che è inquadrato dalla fotocamera. Bye
    01-02-19 12:31 PM
  3. ciaoitalia's Avatar
    Thanks mate but I'm not italian I hope translator will do his best, because I don't understand anything
    01-02-19 04:42 PM
  4. tonycara57's Avatar
    Ciaoitalia is ur nickname ....Anyway when I tap on camera icon of my old Priv (3 years on 12 february) there is only a little black screen latency for half second, but suddently compares what the camera is focusing perfectly, with no flickering. Good luck
    01-04-19 06:42 PM

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